Composers: Louis A. Hirsch; Ben Jerome
Lyricist: Edward Madden

Opened: September 10, 1910, Casino Theatre, N.Y.C.
Performances: 117

Lena (Bring Back My Lena To Me) (M: Ted Snyder; L: Irving Berlin) (dropped for the subsequent tour):

1. 78/Victor 16994 (Maurice Burkhardt with orchestra)

Love Is Like A Red, Red Rose:

1. 78/Victor 16854 (Elise Stevenson and Henry Burr)

Unrecorded Material:

Come Back To Bohemia
The Coronation
If You Were There With Me
In Gypsy Land
The Man I Love (added for the subsequent tour)
Opening Chorus (Act 1)
Opening Chorus (Act 2)
Queen Of The Jungle Show (sheet music only)
The Sentimental Moon
There’s An Aeroplane Air About You
There’s Nothing On The Level Any More (sheet music only)
Tie A Red Ribbon On Me (dropped for the subsequent tour)
(Merry) Wedding Bells
When We Are Married To You And Me (If We Were Married) (M: Louis A. Hirsch)
The Zinga Zula Man (Finale)