Composer: Jesse Greer
Lyricists: Ballard Macdonald; Billy Rose

November 28, 1927, Shubert Theatre, N.Y.C.
Performances: 114

Four Walls (M/L: Al Jolson; Billy Rose; Dave Dreyer) (originally used in A NIGHT IN SPAIN):

1. 78/Diva 2572 G (The Harmonians) [also 78/Harmony 572 H]
2. 78/Columbia 1283 D (Harold Lambert with the Ipana Troubadours)
3. 78/Perfect 14930 (Frank Bessinger with the Deep River Orchestra)
4. 78/Columbia 4720 (Joey Griffith with Fred Rich and His Hotel Astor Orchestra)
5. 78/Cameo 8124 (Marjorie Harcum)
6. 78/Perfect 12410 (Joe Wilbur)
7. 78/Banner 7007 (Ralph Haines with the Missouri Jazz Band)
8. 78/Brunswick 3775 (Al Jolson with W.F. Wirges and His Orchestra) [reissued on Classic Jolson: Great Original Performances 1926-1932, CD/Robert Parker Jazz 300]
9. 78/Brunswick 3803 (Irving Kaufman with Vincent Lopez and His Casa Lopez Orchestra)
10. 78/Okeh 40975 (Mark Fisher with Ted Shapiro, piano)
11. 78/Columbia 1255 D (Kenneth Sargent with piano accompaniment)
12. 78/Victor 21165 (Johnny Johnson and His Statler Pennsylvanians)
13. 78/Victor 21220 (Franklyn Baur with orchestra)
14. 78/Capitol 3710 (The Five Keys with orchestra conducted by Dave Cavanaugh)
15. 78/Vocalion 15651 (Elmo Tanner)

I Can’t Give You Anything But Love (M: Jimmy McHugh; L: Dorothy Fields) (added after opening):

I have not attempted to compile discological information for this standard beyond composer performances.
1. 78/Brunswick mx B-13099-A (Dorothy Fields with Jimmy McHugh, piano) [reissued on Blackbirds Of 1928, Columbia OL-6770]
2. Carousel Of American Music, CD/Music & Arts CD-971 (Jimmy McHugh, piano)
3. An Evening With Dorothy Fields, CD/DRG 5167 (Dorothy Fields with Richard Leonard, piano) (two renditions)

My Rainbow (M: Lester Lee; L: Jeanne Hackett):

1. 78/Brunswick 3862 (Herbert Gordon’s Hotel Adelphia Whispering Orchestra)

Naga Saki (M: Harry Warren; L: Mort Dixon):

I have not attempted to compile discological information for this song.

Unrecorded Material:

Gold Memories Of Perfume
I Love A Man In A Uniform (M: James V. Monaco)
If You Have Troubles Laugh Them Away (Laff ‘Em Away) (M/L: Lester Lee)
Irresistible You (M: James V. Monaco)
The Jigaboo Jig (M: Lester Lee)
Limbs Of The Law (sketch?)
Say It With Solitaire (M: James V. Monaco)
Undersea Ballet