Composer: Joseph Thalken
Lyricist: Tom Jones

Opened: January 9, 2005 at New Jersey's Papermill Playhouse and ran through February 6, 2005

The Chance To Sing (M: Joseph Thalken):

1. Studio Demo (Dorothy Stanley)
2. The Chance To Sing, CD/LML 162 (Pamela Myers with Joseph Thalken, piano)

The Chance To Sing (M: Billy Goldenberg):

1. Bea Arthur On Broadway: Just Between Friends, CD/DRG 12993 (Bea Arthur with Billy Goldenberg at the piano)

The Cosmic Dance (Round And Round):

1. Studio Demo (Dorothy Stanley)

Flush It Out:

1. Studio Demo (Steve Routman)

Harold And Maude:

1. Studio Demo (Gavin Creel)

Harold's Theme:

1. Studio Demo (instrumental)

If We Be Waspish (cut):

1. Studio Demo (Donna English)

Maude's Waltz:

1. Studio Demo (Dorothy Stanley)


1. Studio Demo (Christa Justus, Donna English, Steve Routman, and Gavin Creel)

The Real Thing:

1. Studio Demo (Gavin Creel and Dorothy Stanley)

Song In My Pocket:

1. Studio Demo (Dorothy Stanley and Gavin Creel)

Two Sides Of A River:

1. Studio Demo (Dorothy Stanley)

Where Do You Go?:

1. Studio Demo (Gavin Creel and Donna English)

Other Songs:

Christmas In New York (M: Billy Goldenberg)

Dirge (M: Billy Goldenberg)
Eccentric Little Skeleton Song (M: Billy Goldenberg)
Harold And Maude (M: Billy Goldenberg)
I Can See Them (M: Billy Goldenberg)
If We Be Waspish (M: Billy Goldenberg)
L-I-V-E (M: Billy Goldenberg)
Maude's Road Song (M: Billy Goldenberg)
Pastische Song/Montezuma
Phony (M: Billy Goldenberg)
The Road Less Traveled
A Selection From Romeo And Juliet, The Musical (M: Billy Goldenberg)
Self, Self, Self
Song In My Pocket (M: Billy Goldenberg)
Stupid Again (M: Billy Goldenberg)
They Say (M: Billy Goldenberg)

Note: The original composer on the project was Billy Goldenberg, who withdrew from the project due to other commitments. The Goldenberg-Jones version had a reading on November 27th, 2001 at the York Theatre. No songs were listed in the program, and the titles listed above are educated guesses.