Composer: Various
Lyricist: Various

Opened: May 19, 1938, Adelphi Theatre, London
Performances: Unknown

By Strauss (M: George Gershwin; L: Ira Gershwin) (originally used in THE SHOW IS ON):

1. George And Ira Gershwin Specials, 78/General 4013 (George Byron with Bobby Tucker, piano) [reissued on 'S Wonderful: The Songs Of George Gershwin, CD/Living Era CD AJS 263]
2. Rediscovered Gershwin, 10"/Desto (M) D 502 (George Byron with piano accompaniment by Dick Hyman)
3. Cabaret, 12"/45 Nimbus (S) 45014 (Equale Brass)
4. A George Gershwin Festival, Longines Symphonette (S) LWS 228 (Longines Symphonette)
5. Songs By Ira & George Gershwin, Nonesuch (S) H-71358 (Joan Morris with William Bolcom, piano) [reissued on George Gershwin: Piano Music & Songs By George And Ira Gershwin, CD/Elektra/Nonesuch 9 79151-2]
6. Return To Carnegie, RCA (S) APL1-2407 (Cleo Laine)
7. Remind Me, Stanyan (S) 10060 (Portia Nelson with the Norman Paris Trio) [reissued on Love Songs For A Late Evening, CD/ DRG 91451]
8. Blue Monday, Turnabout (S) TV-S 34638 (Rosalind Rees with Oresta Cybriwsky, piano)
9. The Golden Waltzes Of Broadway, United Artists (S) UAS 6253 (The Broadway Strings Orchestra conducted by Claus Ogerman)
10. The Fantastic and Exciting Debut Of Marilyn Michaels, Warner Bros. (S) 1582 (Marilyn Michaels)
11. Let's Face The Music And Dance, Prestige Records PRST-7699 (Clarke-Boland Big Band) [reissued on On Smiles, CD/MPS Records 9814790]
12. Manne, That's Gershwin, Capitol 2313 (Shelly Manne Quintet & Big Band)
13. Ballet On Broadway & Nantucket, CD/Painted Smiles PSCD-149 (The Patios with music conducted by Robert Marks)
14. Cabaret Songs, CD/Meridian CDE 84167 (Sarah Walker with Roger Vignoles, piano)
15. By George! By Ira! By Gershwin!, CD/American Popular Song Label Protosound PS 17512 #36201/2 (Carolyn Black-Sotir with R. Timothy McReynolds, piano, and Thomas C. Williams, bass)
16. George & Ira Gershwin, CD/BBC Music BBCW 1005-2 (Sylvia McNair and Ted Taylor, piano)
17. Kiri Sings Gershwin, CD/EMI CDC-7 47454 2 (Kiri Te Kanawa with the New Princess Theater Orchestra conducted by John McGlinn)
18. Steve & Eydie And Friends Celebrate Gershwin, CD/ESE Music Inc. ESED 105 (Steve Lawrence, Eydie Gorme, and Gene Kelly with the New World Philharmonic Orchestra)
19. The Ira Gershwin Album, CD/Fynsworth Alley FA-2113-SE (Christiane Noll with music conducted by Lanny Meyers)
20. American Rhapsody: George Gershwin To The World, CD/Jessisaraly Music JSD-0001 (KT Sullivan with Mark Nadler, piano)
21. Wilhelmenia Fernandez Sings George Gershwin, CD/Milan 35856-2 (Wilhelmenia Fernandez)
22. Sweet And Low-Down: Songs By George Gershwin, CD/Oakton ORCD0004 (Benjamin Sears with Bradford Conner, piano)
23. George Gershwin & Walter Donaldson: Fascinating Rhythm, CD/Reader's Digest RDCD 1551-3 (Julie Anderson with Rowland Dallin and His Orchestra)
24. Marni Nixon Sings Gershwin, CD/Reference Recordings RR-19CD (Marni Nixon with Lincoln Mayorga, piano)
25. An American In Paris, CD/Rhino Movie Music R2 71961 (Gene Kelly, Georges Guetary, Mac MacLain, and Oscar Levant with Pete Roberts and the MGM Studio Orchestra conducted by Johnny Green)
26. George Gershwin: The Musical Gala, CD/Timeless CD JC 11027 (Lisa Fairmount, Joanie O'Neill, Grant Newsome, Max Pollak, and Ensemble with orchestra conducted by Peter Komorowski)
27. Happy Birthday George Gershwin, CD/Valley Entertainment APS 15019 (Maureen McGovern with Andrew Litton, piano)
28. Ella Fitzgerald Sings The George And Ira Gershwin Songbook, CD/Verve 825 024-2 (Ella Fitzgerald with orchestra conducted by Nelson Riddle)
29. Sunday In London Town, CD/Zah Zah ZZCD 9807 (The Berkeley Square Society Band directed by Alan Gout)
30. Starlight And Sweet Dreams: Songs By George Gershwin And Cole Porter, CD/Centaur 2623 (Nancy Armstrong and Robert Honeysucker)
31. Naughty Baby, CD/CBS Masterworks 44995 (Maureen McGovern)
32. Classical Cabaret, CD/Rosa Lamoreaux (Rosa Lamoreaux)
33. Gershwin Songs, CD/Bluebell 61 (Lena Jansson-Nils Lindberg Combo)
34. The George Gershwin Collection, CD/Silva America 3007 (Eric Parkin)
35. Larry Carr Sings Verse & Chorus, CD/Audiophile Records 13 (Larry Carr)
36. Songs By Gershwin And Porter, CD/Ricercar 135119 (Steve Houben)
37. Gershwin On Monarch, CD/Monarch Records 1017 (Crown Project)
38. Vocal Gershwin & Ellington, CD/Ars Harmonica 51 (Ruth Nabal)
39. Second Spin, CD/Spotlite 302 (Rosemary Squires)
40. Big Band Million Sellers, CD/Nelson 9003 (Laurie Johnson's London Big Band)
41. Souvenir, CD/LML Music 147 (Anna Bregman)
42. The Best Of Vern Sutton, CD/Ten Thousand Lakes (Vern Sutton)
43. Tony Jay… Speaking Of Broadway, CD/Cornucopia (Tony Jay)
44. Tune Robbers Play Famous Songs Of Musicals, Vol. 1, CD/Rosenklang (Tune Robbers)
45. You Sing Their Hits: The Brothers Gershwin, CD/Pocket Songs 1167 (karaoke)
46. Here And Now, CD/Unknown label 26477 (Vicki Murphy)
47. The Great Composers Of The World: Gershwin, CD/Madacy Entertainment 53759 (unknown performer)
48. I Will Wait For You, CD/ RCA 51354 (Lesley Garrett)
49. The Authentic George Gershwin, Vol. 4: The Hollywood Years, CD/ASV/Living Era 2110 (Jack Gibbons)
50. Gershwin In The Noble Manner, CD/Orchard 68666 (Bud Noble)
51. My Favorite Musical Selections And Love Songs, CD/Eudora Price (Eudora Price)
52. Nice Work If You Can Get It, CD/Shout! Factory 826663-13740 (Judy Kaye [and Michael McGrath] with orchestra conducted by Tom Murray)

Dancing On The Ceiling (M: Richard Rodgers; L: Lorenz Hart) (originally used in EVER GREEN):

I have not attempted to compile discological information for this standard.

Dixie Dreams (M: Arthur Johnston; L: Grant Clarke) (originally used in DIXIE TO BROADWAY):

1. Somebody Loves Me, CD/RCA 3097 (Betty Hutton) A radio transcription performed by Blossom Seeley and Benny Fields is also known to exist.

Down And Out Blues (M/L: Sam Mayo):

1. 78/Columbia FB1982 (Flanagan and Allen with orchestral accompaniment) [reissued on Arches And Umbrellas: The Songs And Sketches Of Flanagan And Allen, CD/Pearl Flapper 9720]
2. Tribute To Flanagan & Allen, Avenue (S) AVE 070 (Val Merrall's Orchestra & Singers)
3. Boogie Woogie Blues, CD/Collectables 6931 (Lem Fowler)
4. Hits Of '38, CD/ASV/Living Era ASL-CD-5105 (Jimmy Mesene)

Get Yourself A Geisha (M: Arthur Schwartz; L: Howard Dietz) (originally used in AT HOME ABROAD):

1. 78/Liberty Music Shop L 251 (Beatrice Lillie with orchestra conducted by Will Irwin) [reissued on At Home Abroad, CD/AEI-CD 048]

The Highland Swing (M: Arthur Johnson; L: Ian Grant):

1. 78/Parlaphone F1203 (Ray Ellington with Harry Roy and His Orchestra) [reissued on That Old Feeling, CD/Soundsrite 013]

I'm A Little Blackbird (M: Arthur Johnston; George W. Meyer; L: Grant Clarke; Ray Turk) (originally used in LEW LESLIE'S BLACKBIRDS and DIXIE TO BROADWAY):

1. 78/Columbia DO 2727 (Eva Taylor with Clarence Williams' Blue Five with Louis Armstrong) [also 78/Columbia 35957; 78/Jazz Classics 502; 78/British Rhythm Society BRS 1003; 78/Okeh 40260; 78/Parlophone E 5670; reissued on A Tribute To Black Entertainers, CD/Columbia/Legacy C2K 52454]
2. 78/Rampart 9 (Graeme Bell's Dixieland Band) [also 78/Ampersand 15; 78/Ampersand 1204]
3. New Orleans Encore, 10"/Riverside Records (Bob Hodes Quintet)
4. Remembering Louis, CD/Jump Records 1225 (Marty Grosz, acoustic guitar; Ken Peplowski, clarinet; Jon-Erik Kellso, trumpet; and Vince Giodano, string bass)
5. Turk Murphy's San Francisco Jazz Band, CD/Merrymakers 3 (Turk Murphy's San Francisco Jazz Band)
6. Toe-Tapping Dixieland Jazz, CD/Merrymakers 13 (Ted Shafer's Jelly Roll Jazz Band)
7. The Complete Sessions 1955-57, CD/Lake 162 (The Dave Carey Jazz Band)
8. The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, Vol. 3, CD/Varèse Sarabande VSD-5401 (unknown performer)
9. Live At The Pawnshop, CD/Opus 111 22071 (Eva Taylor)
10. Legendary Eva Taylor With Maggie's Blue Five, CD/Kenneth Records 2042 (Eva Taylor with Maggie's Blue Five)

If You Care For Me (M: Herman Darewski; L: Arthur Wimperis):

1. 78/Decca 1491 (Charlie Kunz, piano solo)
2. 78/Tempo TR 562 (Ben Light, Herb Kern, and Lloyd Sloop, pianos)

My Heart Stood Still (M: Richard Rodgers; L: Lorenz Hart) (originally used in ONE DAM THING AFTER ANOTHER and A CONNECTICUT YANKEE):

I have not attempted to compile discological information for this standard.

Paris (M: Arthur Schwartz; L: Howard Dietz) (originally used as "Paree" in AT HOME ABROAD):

1. 78/Liberty Music Shop L 189 (Beatrice Lillie with orchestra) [reissued on Original Cast! The Thirties, CD/Metropolitan Opera MET 802CD; Front Row Center: The Broadway Gold Box, CD/MCAD4-11353]
2. Auntie Bea, London (M) X.5471 (Beatrice Lillie with Eadie and Rack at the Pianos)

The Picadilly (M: Arthur Johnston; L: Ian Grant):

1. A Marvelous Party With Beatrice Lillie, CD/AEI 601 (Beatrice Lillie)

Rhythm (M: Richard Rodgers; L: Lorenz Hart) (originally used in PLEASE! and revised for use in THE SHOW IS ON):

1. An Evening With Beatrice Lillie, London (M) LL.1373 (Beatrice Lillie with Eadie and Rack at the Pianos) [reissued on An Evening With Beatrice Lillie, CD/Sepia 1123]
2. A Marvelous Party With Beatrice Lillie, CD/AEI 601 (Beatrice Lillie)

Things (M: Harold Arlen; L: Ira Gershwin; E.Y. Harburg) (originally used in LIFE BEGINS AT 8:40):

1. Harold Arlen And Vernon Duke Revisited Vol. II, Painted Smiles PS-1373 (Helen Gallagher) [reissued as CD/Painted Smiles PSCD-127]
2. Life Begins At 8:40, CD/PS Classics 1090 (*** with orchestra conducted by Aaron Gandy)

Sunday In The Park (M/L: Harold Rome) (originally used in PINS AND NEEDLES):

1. 78/HMV BD5469 (Denny Dennis with Roy Fox and His Band) [reissued on This Is Roy Fox, Halcyon HAL 7]
2. 78/Decca 1749 (Frank Crumit with the Al Duffy Four)
3. 78/Decca 1694 A (Perry Como and Elmo Tanner, whistling, with Ted Weems and His Orchestra) [reissued on Class Will Tell, CD/Jasmine Records JASCD 362]
4. 78/Bluebird B 7417 (Nita Carol and Alan Holt, with piano duet)
5. 78/Bluebird B 7568 (Ed Holly with Abe Lyman and His Californians)
6. 78/Brunswick m 8077 (Mary McHugh with the Hudson-DeLange Orchestra)
7. 78/Vocalion v 3971 (Mickey Ross with Bob Sylvester and His Orchestra)
8. 45/Columbia B-500 (Frank Parker and Lu Ann Simms with orchestra directed by Will Roland)
9. Pins And Needles, JJA 19783 (Bobby Short and Company with musical direction by Milton Schaefer)
10.A Touch Of Rome, 10"/Heritage LP-H-0053 (Harold Rome, piano and voice) [reissued as CD/DRG 5249]
11. And Then I Wrote…, Coral (M) CRL 57082 (Harold Rome, piano and voice)
12. Pins And Needles, Columbia (S) OS 2210 (Jack Carroll and Chorus with orchestra conducted by Stan Freeman) [reissued as CD/Columbia 2210]
13. Songs Of New York, CD/Book-Of-The-Month Records 31-7502 (Michael Vita and Chorus with orchestra conducted by John McGlinn)
14. TV Calendar Show/Visit To New York With Arthur Godfrey, CD/Collectables 7537 (Lu Ann Simms)
An unverified radio transcription performed by the Master Singers is also known to exist.

Weep And You Dance Alone (M: Arthur Johnston; L: Ian Grant):

1. 78/Gramophone B 8760 (Harry Richman with orchestra)
2. "Hutch" Vol. 2, CD/Pavilion Records 7036 (Leslie A. Hutchinson)

Unrecorded Material:

Buy Yourself A Balloon (M/L: Herman Hupfeld)
The Dream Duet (M: Jacques Offenbach; L: A.P. Herbert)
Mitzi (M: Arthur Schwartz; L: Howard Dietz)
Must Have A Chorus (M: Arthur Johnston; L: Ian Grant)
You Ain't Got Time For Love (M: Arthur Johnston; L: Ian Grant)
You Are My Melody (M: Arthur Johnston; L: Ian Grant)