Composer: Frank Loesser
Lyricist: Frank Loesser

Opened: March 8, 1960, Alvin Theatre, N.Y.C.
Performances: 95

Note: Only numbers not found on the original Broadway cast recording are noted below.

Heart Of Stone (cut):

1. Loesser By Loesser: A Salute To Frank Loesser, CD/DRG 5170 (Emily Loesser with music conducted by Colin Romoff)

Unrecorded Numbers:

A-Tangle, A-Dangle
All A-Tousle (unused; earlier version of "A-Tangle, A-Dangle")
Amos Long Entrance (unused)
Andrew's Fantasy ("Yes" Ballet) (inst.)
The Autumn Courting (dance)
Buzz A Buzz (unused)
[Amos'] The Call (unused; replaced by and same music as "The Call To Wander")
The Call To Wander
Down In The Barley (unused)
Gideon's Charm (ASCAP/Library of Congress only)
Halloweve (dance)
A Head On Her Shoulders (cut)
My Beauty (cut; same music as "Riddleweed" which it replaced as the original opening)
Percussion Ballad (unused)
Riddleweed (cut)
Yes (cut)