(5th Edition)

Composers: Con Conrad; Louis A. Hirsch
Lyricist: John Murray Anderson

Opened: September 20, 1923, Winter Garden Theatre, N.Y.C.
Performances: 131

Cock-A-Doodle Doo (M: Con Conrad; L: Cliff Friend):

1. 78/Broadway 11187 (Novelty Syncopators)
2. 78/Okeh 4714 (Rega Dance Orchestra)
3. 78/Edison 51084 (Harry Raderman’s Orchestra)

Hot Hindoo (M: Lewis E. Gensler; L: Ira Gershwin) (probably cut before opening):

1. Delishious: Lyrics By Ira Gershwin, CD/Oakton ORCD0002 (Benjamin Sears with Bradford Conner, piano)

I Am Thinking Of You (M: Louis A. Hirsch) (added after opening or for the national tour; originally used in BETTY LEE and added to the London production of MERCENARY MARY):

1. 78/Columbia 3807 (June and Sonnie Hale with the London Hippodrome orchestra conducted by Leonard Hornsey)
2. 78/Columbia 9067 (Columbia Vocal Gems Chorus with orchestral accompaniment)
3. 78/HMV C1221 (Jack Hylton and His Orchestra) [reissued on Light Music From The Variety Stage, 1925-1928: Jack Hylton and His Orchestra)]

Moonlight Kisses (M: Con Conrad):

1. 78/Emerson 51262 (Stevens’ Trio)
2. 78/Columbia 15 D (California Ramblers) [reissued on Jazz In The Charts 3: 1923-1925, CD/Membran 223702]
3. 78/Cameo 447 (Joe Basile & His Velodrome Orchestra)
4. 78/Victor 19179 (Joe Raymond and His Orchestra)

The Old Folks At Home (M: Richard A. Whiting; L: Raymond B. Egan; Gus Kahn) (ASCAP/Library of Congress only):

1. 78/Regal 9579 (Vernon Dalhart with orchestral accompaniement)
2. Gentlemen Be Seated! (A Complete Minstrel Show), CD/Sony Special Music Products 610022 (unknown performer)

Unrecorded Material:

Annabelle Lee (M: Louis A. Hirsch) (cut after opening)
The Barcarole (cut after opening)
The Birthday Of The Infantata (M: Louis A. Hirsch; L: Josephine Adair)
Conchita (M: Lewis E. Gensler)
Dancing Step Child (M: Con Conrad)
The Dream Lovers (L: John Murray Anderson; Irving Caesar; Con Conrad) (cut)
Everytime (M: Con Conrad)
Finale (Act 2)
Golden Trail (M: Louis A. Hirsch)
Greenwich Village Circus Days (added after opening or for the national tour)
Hota (dance) (added after opening or for the national tour)
Kama’s Garden (M: Louis A. Hirsch)
Lovey (M: Con Conrad)
My Cavalier (cut)
My Isle Of Sweethearts (cut)
Raisin’ The Roof (M: Con Conrad)
The Raven (M: Lewis E. Gensler; L: Edgar Allen Poe) (cut after opening)
Seeing Stars (M: Con Conrad)
Shake A Little Hoof (added after opening or for the national tour)
She’s So Different Now (M: Sam H. Stept; L: George Chimola; Thomas Malie) (ASCAP/Library of Congress only)
Spanish Love (M: George Gershwin; L: Irving Caesar) (added after opening or for the national tour; originally used in BROADWAY BREVITIES (1920))
Where Is My Boy (added after opening or for the national tour)
Whiskers (M: Lewis E. Gensler; L: Rube Goldberg) (added after opening or for the national tour)