(3rd Edition)

Composer: Carey Morgan
Lyricists: John Murray Anderson; Arthur Swanstrom

Opened: August 31, 1921, Shubert Theatre, N.Y.C.
Performances: 167

Down The Old Church Aisle (M/L: Ray Perkins):

1. 78/Columbia A-3538 (Ted Lewis, vocal, with Ted Lewis and His Orchestra)
2. 78/Columbia 1207-D (Ted Lewis, vocal, with Ted Lewis and His Orchestra)
3. 78/Decca 3846 (Ted Lewis, vocal, with Ted Lewis and His Orchestra) [reissued on Ted Lewis’ Greatest Hits, MCA 258]

Fate (It Was Fate When I First Met You) (M/L: Byron Gay):

1. 78/Columbia A-3738 (Ted Lewis)
2. 78/Gennett 5024 (Harold Leonard and His Red Jackets)
3. 78/Federal 5241 (Rialto Dance Orchestra)
4. 78/Decca 2295 (Bob Eberly with Jimmy Dorsey and His Orchestra)
5. 78/Decca 1547 (Harry Roy’s Toger-Ragamuffins) [reissued on Swing Was Our Business, CD/Empress Music RAJCD 859]
6. 78/Brunswick 2379 (Gene Rodemich’s Orchestra with Gene Rodemich and Allister Wylie, pianos) [reissued on St. Louis, 1922, CD/Starlight Records]
7 . 78/Banner 1155 (Majestic Dance Orchestra)
8. 78/Victor 19016 (Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra)
9. 78/Vocalion 14498 (Bar Harbor Society Orchestra) [also 78/Vocalion 14493]
10. Old King Tut, CD/Camel Race (The New Leviathan Oriental Foxtrot Orchestra)
11. The Big Broadcast, CD/Rivermont BSW1154 (The Scranton Sirens)

I’ve Got My Habits On (M: Jimmy Durante; L: Chris Smith; Bob Schafer) (added for the subsequent tour):

1. 78/Puritan 11080 (Arthur Hall with Lenzberg’s Riverside Orchestra) [also 78/Banner 1000]
2. 78/Gennett 4815 (Bailey’s Lucky Seven)
3. 78/Emerson 10475 (Ernest Hare with orchestral accompaniment) [also 78/Regal 9157]
4. 78/Okeh 4477 (Joseph Samuels’ Jazz Band)
5. 78/Victor 18838 (Miss Patricola with orchestra)
6. 78/Vocalion 14277 (Selvin’s Dance Orchestra)
7. Early Harlem Piano, CD/Riverside Records 1011 (James P. Johnson)
8. Shake It And Break It, CD/Frog DGF 61 (Sam Lanin & His Orchestra)

(I’m Coming Back To You) Maybe (M/L: Ted Lewis; Earnest Golden):

1. 78/Columbia A 3400 (Ted Lewis Jazz Band)

Three O’Clock In The Morning (M: Julian Robledo; L: Dorothy Terris) (sheet music only):

I have not attempted to compile discographical information for this number beyond original cast member performances.
1. 78/Columbia 2246-D (Ted Lewis) [reissued on Classic Jazz/Everybody’s Happy, CD/Collectables 7466]
2. 78/Decca 2110 (Ted Lewis) [also 78/Brunswick 02756; reissued on Ted Lewis’ Greatest Hits, MCA 258]

Unlucky Blues (M/L: Ted Lewis; J. Russel Robinson):

1. 78/Columbia A 2941 (Bert Williams with orchestra) [also 78/Columbia 35592; reissued on The Remaining Titles 1915-1921, CD/Document DOCD 5661]
2. Jonah Man: A Tribute To Bert Williams, CD/Vanguard 79378 (Max Morath)

When Dreams Come True (dropped for the subsequent tour):

1. Count Basie & His Orchestra 1937/Chick Webb & His Orchestra 1936, CD/Forlane 19007 (Chick Webb & His Orchestra)

A Young Man’s Fancy (M: Milton Ager; L: John Murray Anderson; Jack Yellen) (added after opening):

1. 78/Emerson 10211 (Van Eps Specialty Four)
2. 78/Columbia A 3345 (The Happy Six)
3. 78/Decca 24013 (Nat Brandwynee and His Orchestra with vocal chorus)
4. 78/Columbia A 2970 (Art Hickman’s Orchestra)
5. 78/Victor 18678 (Joseph C. Smith’s Orchestra)
6. 78/Victor 45215 (Olive Kline with orchestra)
7. 78/Edison 50679 (Lenzberg’s Riverside Orchestra)
8. 45/Capitol 3-685 (Margaret Whiting with orchestra conducted by Frank DeVol) [reissued on Love Songs By Margaret Whiting/Margaret Whiting Sings For The Starry-Eyed, CD/EMI 4930642]
9. 45/MGM 1131 (The Ray Charles Singers) [also 45/MGM K12201]

Unrecorded Material:

Bang! Bang! Bang!
Blue Beard (sheet music only)
Broadway Wedding Bells (dropped for the subsequent tour)
Easin’ Along (Ease Along) (M: Thomas Morris; L: Irving Bibo) (cut after opening)
The Haunted Violin
The House That Jack Built (M: Milton Ager; L: John Murray Anderson; Jack Yellen) (added after opening)
I Want A Picture Of You (M/L: Percy Wenrich) (dropped for the subsequent tour)
I’m Up In The Air Over You
Jekyll And Hyde (sheet music only)
The Jewels Of The Follie (dropped for the subsequent tour)
The Last Waltz
Miss Dooley And Mr. Brown (M: J. Fred Coots; L: Edward Dowling; Raymond W. Klages) (added after opening)
Mlle. Loose Heels (sheet music only)
Moonshine Is In The Mountain Still (M: Allen Behr; L: Al Herman)
Pavlowa Song (M/L: Blanche Merrill)
The Reminiscent Melody (M: Milton Ager; L: John Murray Anderson; Jack Yellen) (added during the run)
Snow Flake
Strike (added during the subsequent tour)
Sundown Brings Back Memories Of You (M: Charles Edmonds; L: Paul Cunningham; Al Dubin) (not in programs)
Sweet Simplicity (sheet music only)
Toddle-Dee-Doo (M: Phil Baker; Ernie Golden; L: Sidney D. Mitchell) (ASCAP/Library of Congress only)
True Blue Sal (M/L: Al Herman; Alex Gerber; Abner Silver)
Wha Wat (That Imaginary Isle) (M: Lester Stevens; L: Phil Furman)