Composer: Various
Lyricist: Agnes Morgan

Opened: May 1, 1929, Booth Theatre, N.Y.C.
Performances: 85

I Love You But I Like You Even More (I Love You And I Like You) (M: Arthur Schwartz; L: Max Lief; Nathaniel Lief) (also used in HERE COMES THE BRIDE):

1. 78/Columbia DB71 (Richard Dolman, Vera Bryer, and Chorus with the Piccadilly Theatre Orchestra conducted by Leonard Hornsey) [reissued on British Musical Comedies By American Composers (1912-35), JJA (M) 19794]
2. 78/Columbia CB7 (Ray Starita and His Ambassadors Band) [reissued on Ray Starita And His Ambassadors Band, Vol. 1: 1928-1929, CD/Mellotone Records MELLO 012]
3. 78/HMV C1815 (New Mayfair Orchestra conducted by Ray Noble) [reissued on Medleys From London Musical Shows (1928-34), JJA (M) 19851]
4. 78/Columbia DX-14 (Debroys Somers Band)

Someone To Admire, Someone To Adore (M: Serge Walter) (also used in THE GRAND STREET FOLLIES 1928)):

1. 78/Path 36837 (Irving Kaufman with the Levee Loungers)
2. 78/Columbia 1618D (Von Hallberg Trio)

Unrecorded Material:

The A.B.C. Of Traffic: As Listed By Commissioner Whalen (sketch) (inst.) (M: Arthur Schwartz)
The Age Of Innocence (Masculine): As Hitherto Concealed By Mrs. Wharton (sketch) (inst.) (M: Arthur Schwartz)
The Amoeba's Lament (inst.) (M: Arthur Schwartz)
Awarding The Prize Sketch (M: Lily Hyland)
British Maidens (M: Max Ewing)
Dances (M: William Irwin)
Don't Do It (M: Arthur Schwartz)
The Double Standard (M: Arthur Schwartz)
Force And Montana Waltz (M: Max Ewing)
From Tango To Taps (M: Serge Walter) (same music as "Tu Sais"; also used in THE GRAND STREET FOLLIES (1928))
The Garden Of Eden: Things Get Started (sketch) (inst.) (M: Will Irwin)
The Girl I Might Have Been (M/L: Max Ewing)
His Honor, The Mayor (M: Max Ewing; L: Albert Carroll)
I Need You So (M: Arthur Schwartz; L: Howard Dietz; David Goldberg)
I'll Never Forget (M: Max Ewing; L: Albert Carroll)
I've Got You On My Mind (M/L: Max Ewing)
The Jolly Troubadours: As Run By The Associated Press (inst.) (M: Arthur Schwartz)
L'Irlandesa Rosa Dell' Abie (L: Marc Loebell) (also used in THE GRAND STREET FOLLIES (1925))
Little Igloo For Two (L: Marc Loebell) (also used in THE GRAND STREET FOLLIES (1926))
My Dynamo (M: Arthur Schwartz)
My Southern Belle (M: Lily Hyland; L: Marc Loebell) (also used in THE GRAND STREET FOLLIES (1928))
The Pilgrim Fathers (M: Serge Walter)
Priam's Little Congai (M: Will Irwin)
Rome Is Burning (M: Arthur Schwartz)
A Room With A Bath (M: Max Ewing)
South Of The Rio Grande (M: Lily Hyland)
The Stepping Stones (M: Serge Walter)
The Textile Troops (M: Max Ewing)
Town & Country Suite (M: Lily Hyland)
The Vineyards Of Manhattan (inst.) (M: Arthur Schwartz)
What Did Della Wear (When Georgie Came Across)? (M: Arthur Schwartz; L: Albert Carroll; Agnes Morgan)
When George Crossed The Delaware (M: Arthur Schwartz)