Composer: Various
Lyricist: Various

Opened: November 11, 1985, Second Avenue Theatre, N.Y.C.
Performances: 277

Note: Only material not otherwise found on the original cast album is noted below.

Motl Der Opereyter (Motl The Operator) (M/L: Chaim Tauber; L: Jacques Levy):

1. 78/Asch H 6018 (Chaim Tauber with Harry Lubin, piano)
2. An Evening At The Yiddish Theatre, CD/AD CD003 (Bruce Adler)
3. Future & Past, CD/Flying Fish 249 (Kapelye)
4. Bojbriker Klezmorim, CD/CNR 342783 (Bojbriker Klezmorim) (unverified)
5. Mamaloshen, CD/Nonesuch 79459-2 (Mandy Patinkin with orchestra conducted by Eric Stern)

Rebel Girl (M/L: Joe Hill):

1. I Dreamed I Heard Joe Hill Last Night, CD/Trecords (John Pietaro and The Flames Of Discontent)
2. Don't Mourn - Organize!: Songs Of Labor Songwriter Joe Hill, CD/Smithsonian Folkways 40026 (Hazel Dickens)
3. Home Alive Compilation, Vol. 2: Flying Side Kick, CD/Broken Rekids 91 (The Pinkos)
4. Lives Of The Saints, CD/Mud 27 (Beezus)

S'Iz Kalye Gevorn (It Shouldn't Happen To A Dog) (M/L: Menasha Skulnick; L: Jacques Levy):

1. 78/Banner B 2013 (Menasha Skulnik with Abe Ellstein and His Orchestra) (credited to Ellstein & Lillian)
2. An Evening At The Yiddish Theatre, CD/AD CD003 (Bruce Adler)

Sabbath Queen (M: Minkovsky; L: C.N. Bialik):

1. Jewish & Israelic Music, CD/Israel 9502 (Efroni Choir)
2. An Hour At The Garden Of Eden, CD/Zamir Chorale 915 (Edwin Swanborn, Loise Treitman, and the Zamir Chorale of Boston) (music credited to Yehezkel Braun)

Shnel Loyfn Di Reder (The Wheels Turn Quickly) (M: Lazar Weiner; L: David Edelshtat):

1. Out Of The Ghetto: Songs Of The Jews In America, CD/Vanguard Classics 6012 (Leon Lishner with Lazar Weiner, piano)

Unrecorded Material:

Am Yisroel Khay! (The Jewish People Live) (M: S. Beresovsky; Schlomo Carlbach; L: M. Knapheis; Jacques Levy; Zalmen Mlotek; Moishe Rosenfeld)
Briderlekh Tayere (Dear Brothers, Help) (M/L: Abe Schwartz)
Di Fon Fun Frayhayt (The Flag Of Freedom) (M: Arnold Perlmutter; L: Louis Gilrod; Herman Wohl)
Ellis Island (Ellis Island, So Awesome And Cold!) (M/L: Solomon Shmulewitz; L: Jacques Levy)
Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor (The New Colossus) (M: Max Helfman; L: Emma Lazarus)
Lekho Dodi, Ko Riboyn Olam, Sholem Aleykhem, Gut Vokh (M/L: Traditional)
Mir Forn Kayn Amerike (We're Going To America, Goodbye Mother Russia) (M/L: Arnold Perlmutter; Herman Wohl)
Troyerik Zayn Darf Men Nit (Why Be Sadů?) (M: Arnold Perlmutter; Herman Wohl; L: Jacques Levy; Zalmen Mlotek; Moishe Rosenfeld)
Vi Shver S'iz Tsu Sheydn (How Hard To Leave Old Homes) (M: Arnold Perlmutter; Herman Wohl; L: Jacques Levy; Eleanor Reissa)
We Go To Work (M/L: Traditional)
When Rosie Lived On Essex Street (M/L: Addison Burkhardt)
Yenki Doodl Fort Uptown (Yankee Doodle Rides Uptown) (M/L: Unknown)