Composer: Henry Bereny
Lyricists: Harry B. Smith; Robert B. Smith

Opened: August 5, 1912, Criterion Theatre, N.Y.C.
Performances: 64

Donít Turn My Picture To The Wall (M: Jerome Kern; L: Robert B. Smith):

1. 78/Victor 17245 (Helen Clark and Walter J. Van  Brunt with orchestra)
2. Lost Broadway And More Volume 6: Jerome Kern, CD/Original Cast OC-1399 (Kerry Conte and Michael Lavine with Michael Levine, piano)

Half-Past Two (M: Howard Talbot; L: Percy Greenbank; Arthur Wimperis) (originally used in THE ARCADIANS):

1. Musical Comedyís Golden Days, All About Music (S) ABK 12 (Beth Boyd and Bryan Corrie with musical direction by Victor Graham)
2. Show Time Special, EMI  (S) CSD 3642 (The George Mitchell Minstrels with orchestral accompaniment directed by George Mitchell)
3. Hearts And Flowers, CD/Polyphonic QPRZ 021D (The Arcadians)
4. Highlights From The Arcadians, Music For Pleasure 1323 (Shirley Minty and John Lawrenson with Gilbert Vinter and his Orchestra)
5. The Arcadians, CD/Columbia TWO-233 (Ann Howard and Peter Regan with orchestra conducted by Vilem Tausky) [reissued on The Arcadians, CD/EMI West End Angel ZDM 7243 5 65068-2]
6 . The Arcadians, CD/Newport Classic NPD 85665/2 (Amy Warchol and John Dow with orchestra conducted by J. Lynn Thompson)

Hoop-La-La Papa! (Hoop-La, Father Doesnít Care) (M: Jerome Kern; L: M.E. Rourke):

1. Jerome Kern: Lost Treasures, CD/Centaur CRC2371 (Anne Sciolla with Brian Kovach, piano)

Iíve Taken Such A Fancy To You (M: Jerome Kern; L: Clifford Harris):

1. The First Rose Of Summer, CD/42nd Street Moon MBR 04003 (Lisa Peers with musical direction by Dave Dobrusky)
2. The Land Where The Good Songs Go, CD/PS Classics PS-1211 (Philip Chaffin and Kate Baldwin with music conducted by David Loud)

Unrecorded Material:

Africa (cut)
Bohemia (M: Jerome D. Kern; L: Robert B. Smith)
Finale (Act 1)
Finale (Act 2)
Finale (Act 3)
Ghost Quintette
Iíll Be True To You (cut after opening)
Iíll Be Waiting ĎNeath Your Window (Iíll Be Waiting At The Window) (M: Jerome Kern; L: James Duffy) (added after opening)
In Spirit Land (added after opening)
Itís Perfectly All Right (cut)
Love Will Win (M: Lionel Monckton; L: Arthur Wimperis) (originally used in THE ARCADIANS) (dropped for the subsequent tour)
Myrella (added for the subsequent tour)
Oh Doctor
One Of The Boys  (cut after opening)
Ooo, Ooo Lena (M: Jerome Kern; L: John Golden) (not in programs)
Opening (Act 2)
Polly And The Polka (M: Howard Talbot; L: Percy Greenbank) (cut)
Popsey Wopsey (cut after opening)
The Sleeping Chair (cut)
Something Like This (M: F. Wagner; L: Harry B. Smith)
Temperment (cut)
Vienna Roll (dance)
When I Lost You (M/L: Paul Rubens) (not in programs)