Composer: Howard Goodall
Lyricist: Howard Goodall

Opened: October 16, 1987, Playhouse Theatre, London
Performances: Unknown

And I Dream:

1. 45/First Night (S) SCORE 13 (Hazel O'Connor and David Easter) [reissued on The Singles, CD/First Night OCRCD 6056]

Wake Me O Wake Me:

1. 45/First Night (S) SCORE 13 (Clare Burt)

Other Material:

Before The War
Bloomin' Cap
The Chances Are
The Darkness Is Now
Their Friend
The Final Flight
I Don't Feel Guilty
I Dream Of So Much More
I See Him Everywhere
Just One More
The Lecture
Not Heroes Here
Nothing Could Be Too Harsh
The Pack Drill
The Real War
Shy Girls
Some Nights
Somewhere In England
Stay Don't Go
Talk Of Victory
We Can Take It
What A Place
With Men