Composer: Harold Orlob
Lyricist: H.I. Phillips

Opened: October 16, 1923, Daly’s Theater, N.Y.C.

Performances: 30

Note: This show was called TAKE A CHANCE out of town.

Teach Me How:

1. 78/Edison 51277 L  (Steven’s Trio)

Unrecorded Material:

Before You Take A Man
Dance Divertissement (cut)
Dance Of The Dolls (cut)
Don’t Forget
Don’t Judge A Girl By Her Name
Finale (Act 1)
Finale (Act 2)
He Failed To Underwrite A Happy Home
I Know I Could (cut)
If Ever I Get Up My Irish) (If I Ever Get My Dander Up)
In The Mountains (cut)
In The Papers (cut)
Kiss Ensemble (cut)
Love’s Art
Mating Time (cut after opening)
Mountain Moon
Oh, Doctor Koo-ay (cut)
Pretty Girl
Quarrel Duet
Take A Chance
Temptation (cut)
That Ought To Count For Something
Those Were The Good Old Days (cut)
What Will The Neighbors Say (cut)