(5th Edition)

Composer: George Gershwin
Lyricists: B.G. DeSylva; E. Ray Goetz; Ballard Macdonald

Opened: June 18, 1923, Globe Theatre, N.Y.C.; moved on November 5, 1923 to the Fulton Theatre
Performances: 168

The Gold Digger (M/L: James F. Hanley) (not in program):

1. 78/Starr 8105 (Arthur Hall with the Regal Dance Orchestra)
2. 78/Banner 1230 (Arthur Hill with the Missouri Jazz Band)
3. 78/Edison 51220 (Billy Jones)
4. 78/Silvertone 2314 (Billy Jones with the Rialto Dance Orchestra)
5. 78/Victor 19128 (Charles Dornberger and His Orchestra)
6. 78/Columbia A 3980 (Dolly Kay with Phil Phillips, piano)

How Ya Gonna Keep Your Mind On Dancing When You’re Dancing With Someone You Love (M: James F. Hanley; L: Lew Brown):

1. 78/Columbia A 3784 (Eddie Cantor)

Last Night On The Back Porch (I Loved Her Best of All) (M Carl Schraubstader; L: Lew Brown):

1. Click here for recordings of "Last Night On The Back Porch"

The Life Of A Rose (L: B.G. DeSylva):

1. 78/Victor 19151 (Charles Dornberger Orchestra) [reissued on The Ultimate George Gershwin, Vol. 1, CD/Pearl 113]
2. 78/Columbia A 3952 (The Columbians)
3. 78/Federal 5315 (Miami Beach Dance Orchestra)
4. Songs Of George & Ira Gershwin 1920’s Volume One, Mark56 Records (M) 799 (Lewis James)

More (A Modern Maiden’s Prayer) (M/L: Abner Silver; Sidney D. Mitchell; Lew Pollack):

1. 78/Okeh 40036 (Ace Brigode and His Ten Virginians) [reissued on Hot Dance Bands From OKeh 1923-1931, CD/Retrieval Recordings 79050]
2. 78/Columbia 37 D (The Original Memphis Five)

San (M/L: Lindsay McPhail; Walter Michels) (subsequently used in ZIEGFELD FOLLIES OF 1924):

I have not attempted to compile discographical information for this standard.

Stingo Stungo (M/L: James F. Hanley; L: Lew Brown) :

1. 78/Grey Gull 1181 (Bostonian Syncopators)
2. 78/Brunswick 2475 (Margaret Young with orchestra)
3. 78/Columbia A 3968 (Frank Crumit with orchsestral accompaniment)
4. 78/Vocalion 147623 (Isabelle Patricola with The Ambassadors)
5. 78/Edison 51206 (Robert White)

There Is Nothing Too Good For You (L: B.G. DeSylva; E. Ray Goetz):

1. George Gershwin Songs 1919-1946, Vol. 1, CD/Walden II Records #brent (Jack Brent, piano)

Where Is She? (L: B.G. DeSylva):

1. 78/Columbia A 3952 (The Columbians)
2. Lyrics By Ira Gershwin, CD/Harbinger HCD 2502  (David Craig with David Baker, piano)

You And I (In Old Versailles) (M: George Gershwin; Jack Green; L: B.G. DeSylva):

1. Sweet And Low-Down: Songs By George Gershwin, CD/Oakton Recordings 9702 (Benjamin Sears with Bradford Connor, piano)

Unrecorded Material

Garden Of Love (L: B.G. DeSylva) (added to the subsequent roar tour)
Home Lights I Long To See (M: Harry Carroll; L: Ballard Macdonald) (ASCAP/Library of Congress)
(On The Beach At) How’ve You Been? (L: B.G. DeSylva) (not in programs)
Laugh Your Cares Away
Let’s Be Lonesome Together (L: B.G. DeSylva; E. Ray Goetz)
Little Scandal Dolls
Lo-La-Lo  (Lola Lo) (L: B.G. DeSylva)
Look In The Looking Glass
Throw ‘Er In High! (L: B.G. DeSylva; E. Ray Goetz) (dropped for the subsequent tour)