Composer: Franz Steininger
Lyricist: Forman Brown

Opened: August 1941, Hollywood Playhouse, Los Angeles, CA
Performances: Unknown

Millionaires Don't Whistle (M/L: Chet Forrest; Robert Wright):

1. 78/Majestic 1049 (Jane Forman with Jerry Gray and His Orchestra) [reissued on With A Song In My Heart/Yours Alone, CD/Encore Recordings 1797]
2. Matinee At The Meadowbrook, CD/Collectors' Choice Music 1056 (Elliott Lawrence and His Orchestra)
3. The Jane Froman Songbook, CD/Original Cast 94395 (Valerie Lemon with music direction by Don Rebic)

Unrecorded Material:

The American Way Boogie-Woogie-Katie (M: Eddie Scott; L: George R. Brown)
Can't Stop Now (M: Irving Actman; Milton Berle; L: George R. Brown)
The Good Old Fashioned Way
It's Fun For The Money Tonight
I've Got A New Rhythm For Old Shoes (M: Irving Actman; L: George Brown)
Keep It Under Your Sombrero
The Last Words Of Divine Devore (M/L: Chet Forrest; Robert Wright)
The Man Who Leads The Band
My Heart Is A Drum
Oh! Mr. Hays
On Account Of Because
Raah-Too-Tee-Too (M: Henry Bluestone; Bill Shaw; L: George R. Brown)
Time To Say Good Night Again
We're Photogenic (M: Howard Godwin; L: Forman Brown)
A Word To Mr. Jones (M/L: Chet Forrest; Robert Wright)