Composers: Ronald Cass; John Pritchett
Lyricists: Peter Myers; Alec Grahame

Opened: June 25, 1958, Strand Theatre, London
Performances: Unknown

Note: A complete song list is not available at this time.

Mr. Henderson (M: Ronald Cass) (originally used in AFTER THE SHOW and subsequent used in NO SHOESTRINGS but cut after opening):

1. For Amusement Only, Planet Records PP005 (Margo Lee)
2. Make Mine Manhattan + Great Revues Revisited, Painted Smiles PS-1369 (Lynn Redgrave) [reissued as CD/Painted Smiles PSCD-119]
3. Living With Pleasure, CD/Must Close Saturday Records MCSR3001 (Adrian Wright with William Rayner, piano)