Composer: Harry Denny
Lyricist: Harry Denny

August 19, 1927, Lyric Theatre, N.Y.C.; transferred on September 19, 1927 to Wallack’s Theatre
Performances: 43

Note: During the run the show’s title were learned to BEYOND THE FOOTLIGHTS.

(Roam On, My Little) Gypsy Sweetheart (M: Ted Snyder; L: Irving Kahal; Francis Wheeler):

1. 78/Diva 2470 G (Sid Garry with piano accompaniment)
2. 78/Diva 2466 G (The University Six) [also 78/Harmony 466; reissued on The University Six 1925-1927, CD/Challenge Records 79047]
3. 78/Lincoln 2664 (Ray Hamilton with piano and saxophone)
4. 78/Columbia 1088 D (Irving Kaufman and The Knickerbockers)
5. 78/Columbia 1142 D (Goodrich Silvertown Quartet with piano accompaniment)
6. 78/Cameo 1208 (William Robyn)
7. 78/Brunswick 3640 (Harry Archer and His Orchestra with vocal chorus)
8. 78/Victor 20920 (The Revelers with piano accompaniment)
9. 78/Lincoln 2673 (Lincoln Dance Orchestra with vocal refrain)
10. 78/Perfect 14847 (Billy Carola with Mike Speciale and His Orchestra)
11. 78/Romeo 429 (Buddy Gravelle with piano and saxophone)
12. The Complete Ted Weems And His Orchestra, Vol. 2, CD/Renovation 7008 (Ted Weems and His Orchestra)
13. New York Jazz: Adrian Rollini 1928-1929, CD/Makin Friends (Fred Elizalde and His Music)

I Adore You (aka “Je Vous Aime”) (M: Rene Mercier; L: Sam Coslow; Ballard Macdonald):

1. 78/Columbia 1058 D (Harry Maxfield with Leo Reisman and His Orchestra)
2. 78/Starr 8292 (Roseland Dance Orchestra)
3. 78/Harmony 420 H (Arthur Hall and the Royal Troubadours)

You Can’t Walk Back From An Aeroplane (M/L: Irving Bibo; William B. Friedlander):

1. 78/Regal 8467 (Irving Kaufman with orchestral accompaniment) [also 78/Banner 6159]
2. 78/Columbia 1141 D (Billy Jones and Ernest Hare (The Happiness Boys) with piano accompaniment)
3. 78/Victor 216514 (Al. Plunkett with piano)
4. Country Carnival Classics, CAS/Country Carnival CM1535 (Country Carnival Classics)

Unrecorded Material:

Champagne (French song)
College Pals
The Ducks Call It Luck
Footlight Walk
Just When I Thought I Had You All To Myself (M/L: Harry Denny; Joe Fletcher)
Sahara Moon (M/L: Harry Denny; Dave Ringle)
Sure Sign You Really Love Me