Composer: Richard Rodgers
Lyricist: Oscar Hammerstein II

Opened: December 1, 1958, St. James Theatre, N.Y.C.
Performances: 600

Note: Only numbers omitted from the original Broadway cast album are noted below.

At The Golden Pearl (included in the 2002 Broadway revival):

1. Flower Drum Song, CD/DRG 12996 (orchestra directed by David Chase)

Dream Ballet:

1. Flower Drum Song, Decca (S) DL-79098 (orchestra conducted by Alfred Newman) [reissued as CD/Decca Broadway 440 064 531-2]

The Most Filial Son (included in the 2002 Broadway revival):

1. Flower Drum Song, CD/DRG 12996 (orchestra directed by David Chase)

My Best Love (cut during tryouts; reinstated in the 2002 Broadway revival):

1. Publisher's Demo (Jack Carroll) [reissued on Broadway First Take Vol. 2, CD/Slider Stage SMS 703]
2. Flower Drum Song, CD/DRG 12996 (Alvin Ing with orchestra directed by David Chase)
3. Flower Drum Song, Best (M) 528 (Frank Lerner, James Phillips, Artie Cimoli, Sam Wong, and Lee Chambers, although the specific singer on this particular track is not identified)
4. Discovery, RCA Victor (S) LSC-2986 (Larry Adler, harmonica, with Morton Gould and His Orchestra)
5. Oscar Hammerstein Revisited, Painted Smiles (S) PS-1365 (Alfred Drake) [reissued on CD/Painted Smiles PSCD-136]
6. Lost In Boston III, CD/Varese Sarabande VSD-5563 (Dennis Kelley with musical direction by Tom Fay)

The Next Time It Happens (added to 2001 Los Angeles revival but cut prior to 2002 Broadway revival; originally used in PIPE DREAM and STATE FAIR (1996)):

1. Pipe Dream, RCA Victor (M) LOC-1023 (Judy Tyler and William Johnson with orchestra directed by Salvatore Dell'Isola) [reissued as CD/RCA Victor 09026-61481-2]
2. 78/Victor 20-6323 (The Ames Brothers with Hugo Winterhalter and his Orchestra and Chorus) [45/RCA Victor (M) 47-6323; reissued on Sweet & Swing, RCA Camden (M) CAL 571; reissued on Together, CD/Jasmine 434]
3. 45EP/RCA Camden CAE 307 (Guy Lupar and his Orchestra) [reissued on 12 Hits From The Most Happy Fella/My Fair Lady/Pipe Dream, RCA Camden (M) CAL-319]
4. 45/Decca 9-29777 (Bing Crosby with Jud Conlon's Rhythmaires and orchestra directed by Buddy Cole) [reissued on Good & Rare, Vol. 2, CD/Sepia 1091]
5. The Rodgers & Hammerstein Collection, CD/MCA 10775 (Carmen McRae)
6. State Fair, CD/DRG 9465 (Andrea McArdle with orchestra directed by Kay Cameron)
7. A Broadway Love Story, CD/Varese Sarabande VSD-5956 (Christiane Noll with orchestra conducted by Todd Ellison)

Unrecorded Song:

My Arms Are Not Being Used (not used; no music known to exist; percursor to "Love, Look Away")
You Be The Rock (aka "Jazz Bit")