Composer: Gustave Kerker
Lyricist: R.H. Burnside

Opened: May 20, 1907, Casino Theatre, N.Y.C.
Performances: 113

Ballooning (M: Jerome Kern; L: Paul West):

1. Jerome Kern: Lost Treasures, CD/Centaur CRC2371 (Anne Sciolla with Brian Kovach, piano)

I’d Rather Two-Step Than Waltz, Bill (M/L: Benjamin Hapgood Burt) (added after opening):

1. 78/Victor 5118 (Clarice Vance with orchestra) [reissued on The High Priestess Of Jollity & The Southern Singer, CD/Archeophone ARCH 5015]
2. Bird In A Gilded Cage, CD/Orchard 4142 (Molly Watson)

Katy (Katie) Was A Business Girl (M: Jerome Kern; L: Paul West) (cut):

1. Jerome Kern: Lost Treasures, CD/Centaur CRC2371 (Anne Sciolla with Brian Kovach, piano)

The Subway Express (M: Jerome Kern; L: James O’Dea):

1. The Land Where The Good Songs Go, CD/PS Classics PS-1211 (Matthew Scott and Kate Baldwin with music conducted by David Loud)
2. Songs Of New York, CD/Book-Of-The-Month Records 31-7502 (Kim Criswell and Cris Groenendaal with orchestra conducted by John McGlinn)

Won’t You Come And Splash Me (You Splash Me And I’ll Splash You) (M: Alfred Solman; L: Arthur J. Lamb) (added after opening):

1. 78/Victor 8508 (Alice Lloyd) [also 78/Victor 16058; reissued on Round The Town: Following Grandfather’s Footsteps - A Night At The London Music Hall, CD/Bear Family BCD 16021]
2. 78/Columbia A 494 (Ada Jones with orchestra)

(By The Side Of The) Zuyder Zee (M: Kerry Mills; L: Scott) (added after opening):

1. 78/Regal M R 345 (Gerald Adams and The Variety Singers with orchestra)
2. The Essential Ronnie Ronalde, CD/EMI 70235 (Ronnie Ronalde)
3. Sequence Dancing Favourites, CD/Grasmere GRCD 39 (Phil Kelsall, Wurlitzer organ)

Unrecorded Material:

Bulls And Bears (Opening Chorus Act II)
Captain Willie Brown
Come Along In, The Water’s Fine
Entrance Of American Girls
Fascinating Flora (Entrance Song) (L: Smith) (added after opening)
Finale (Act II)
I Am A Marvelous Musician
In Paris
It’s Going To Be A Pretty Wedding (Opening Chorus)
The Little Church Around The Corner (M: Jerome Kern; L: M.E. Rourke) (interpolated during the run)
Money (cut after opening)
Nice Little Girls And Boys
Off To New York
Old Yankee Land For Me (Yankee Land) (M: Harry O. Sutton; L: Jean Lenox)
Oshkosh (M/L: Keith; John Kemble)
Right Now (M: Fred Fisher; L: Jerome Kern) (cut after opening)
Romance And Reality (M: A. Baldwin Sloane; L: Louis Harrison)
What Will Happen Then?