Composer: Robert Kessler
Lyricist: Marnin Charnin

Opened: May 20, 1959, Renata Theatre, N.Y.C.
Performances: 31

Oriental (subsequently used in PIECES OF EIGHT):

1. Pieces Of Eight, Offbeat (M) O-4016 (Ceil Cabot with William Roy and Carl Norman at the plural pianos)

Unrecorded Material:

Bwee Dah (M: David Hollister) (based on a theme by Robert Kessler)
Clandestine (subsequently used in PIECES OF EIGHT)
A Dramatized Message (M/L: Paul Nassau)
The End
I Think I'd Like To Fall In Love (M: Martin Charnin)
Individuals (M: Gerald Alters; L: Herb Hartig)
Love Is (M: Martin Charnin)
Oh Say, Can You See?
Problem (M: Alan Friedman; L: Dennis Marks)
Sixteenth Summer
Someone Waiting
String Quartet (M/L: Paul Nassau)
Too Many Questions (M/L: Paul Nassau)
The Victoria Trio (M/L: Paul Nassau)
We're Betting On You
You're My Man