Composer: Various
Lyricist: Various

December 26, 1927, Ritz Theatre, N.Y.C.
Performances: 216

The Best Things In Life Are Free (M: Ray Henderson; L: Lew Brown; B.G. DeSylva):

I have not attempted to compile discological information for this standard.

Everybody Loves My Girl (M: Lewis; L: Abraham; Young):

1. 78/Diva 2503 G (The Harmonians)
2. 78/Columbia 1150 D (Seger Ellis with The Radiolites)
3. 78/Jewel 5131 (Syd Clayton with Lou Connor and His Collegiates) [also 78/Oriole 1045]
4. 78/Harmony 530 H (Harmony Brothers with piano accompaniment)
5. 78/Victor 21104 (Four Aristocrats)
6. 78/Victor 21173 (Ted Weems and His Orchestra) [reissued on Marvelous: 1926-1929, CD/ASV/Living Era 5029-2]
7. 78/Banner 6100 (Tom Stacks with Harry Reser’s Dance Orchestra)
8. 78/Columbia A 1523 (Peerless Quartette with orchestral accompaniment)
9. Original 20s-30s Hot Dance Music, CD/Vintage Music 0321 (Bernie Cummins & His Orchestra)
10. Sunny Side Up, CD/Rivermont 2208 (West End Jazz Band)

For Old Times’ Sake (M: Ray Henderson; L: Lew Brown; B.G. DeSylva):

1. 78/HMV B-2848 (Morton Downey)
2. 78/Perfect 15042 (Larry Lloyd with the Half Moon Hotel Orchestra)
3. 78/Columbia 5118 (Jack Payne, vocal, with Jack Payne and the B.B.C. Dance Orchestra)
4. 78/Brunswick 3965 (Nick Lucas with guitar)
5. 78/Okeh 41085 (Charles W. Hamp with instrumental accompaniment)
6. 78/Victor 21503 (Jesse Crawford, organ)
7. 78/Victor 21527 (Frank Wilson with Jean Goldkette and His Orchestra)
8. 78/Velvet Tone 1666 V (Annette Hanshaw with Frank Ferera’s Hawaiian Trio) [also 78/Harmony 666 H]

The Hours I Spent With You (M: Joseph Young; L: Little; Lewis):

1. 78/Diva 2553 G (Bar Harbor Society Orchestra) [also 78/Harmony 553 H]
2. 78/Lincoln 2721 (Bob Haring and His Orchestra with vocal refrain)
3. 78/Perfect 14913 (Leroy Montesanti with the Casino Dance Orchestra)
4. 78/Gramophone E.A. 288 (Franklyn Baur with Roger Wolfe Kahn and His Orchestra) [also 78/Victor 21078]
5. 78/Gramophone 21027 (Melville Gideon with orchestra)
6. 78/Path 36732 (Leroy Montesanti with the Virginia Creepers)
7. 78/Bell 573 (Dick Burton and His Orchestra)
8. 78/Columbia 1353 D (Art Gillham with novelty accompaniment)
9. 78/Banner 6144 (Harold Lambert with the Majestic Dance Orchestra)
10. 78/Okeh 40942 (Joe Davis)
11. 78/Okeh 40950 (Southern Melody Artists)
12. Best Of All, CD/Sepia 1015 (Steve Conway)

Maybe I’ll Baby You (M: Dave Stamper; L: Buck) (originally used in TAKE THE AIR):

1. 78/Columbia 1226 D (Max Fisher and His California Orchestra with vocal chorus)
2. 78/Victor 21206 (Tom Waring with Waring’s Pennsylvanians)

(There’s A) Rickety-Rackety-Shack (M: Harry Tobias; L: Roy Turk):

1. 78/Diva 2547 G (Newport Society Orchestra) [also 78/Harmony 547 H]
2. 78/Perfect 14904 (Joe Wilbur with the Levee Loungers)
3. 78/Columbia 1221 D (Van and Schenck with piano accompaniment)
4. 78/Columbia 4703 (Ed. Collins with The Kit-Cat Band directed by Al Starita) [reissued on The Wibbly Wobbly Walk: Novelty Numbers From The Original Phonograph Cylinders And 78s, CD/Saydisc 350]
5. The Chronological Fletcher Henderson and His Orchestra 1927-1931, CD/Classics 572 (Fletcher Henderson and His Orchestra)
6. Shades Of Love, CD/David Harris Productions (David Harris)

Where Have You Been All My Life?  (M: Philip Charig; Richard Myers; L: Leo Robin) (originally used in ALLEZ-OOP! and subsequently used in LUCKY GIRL):

1. 78/Victor 20902 (Johnny Marvin with Nat Shilkret and the Victor Orchestra) [reissued on Memories Of Old Broadway, CD/Take Two TT510CD]
2. 78/Columbia 9595 (Jack Payne and the BBC Dance Orchestra)
3. 78/Columbia 5137 (Ray Starita and His Ambassadors Band) [reissued on Ray Starita and His Ambassadors Band, Vol. 1: 1928-1929, CD/Mellotone Records MELLO 012]
4. 78/Okeh 40937 (Sam Lanin and His Famous Players)

Unrecorded Material:

That Funny Fellow
Those Two Girls And That Boy