(July 7, 1903 - December 24, 1972)

Major Engagements:

King Cole Room, St. Regis Hotel, N.Y.C. (1935)
Le Mirage, N.Y.C. (1935)
Sert Room, Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, N.Y.C. (1936-1937)

December 1937

78/Victor 25746  (Eve Symington with Leo Reisman and His Orchestra) (La Petite Amie; Blackman’s Lullaby)  [part of A Night At The Waldorf, 78/Victor album P-1]


c. 1938

78/Liberty Music Shop L-237 (Eve Symington with the Cy Walter Orchestra)(My Romance; Spring Is Here) [The former was reissued on Greta Keller And Other Chanteuses, NLM 1989; the latter was reissued on I Married An Angel, CD/AEI 002]