Composer: Various
Lyricist: Various

Opened: August 22, 1918, Hippodrome Theatre, N.Y.C.
Performances: 461

The Circus Is Coming To Town (M/L: Irving Berlin):

1. Irving Berlin: The Ragtime Years, Vanguard (S) VSD 79346 (Max Morath with orchestra conducted by Manny Albam)
2. Keep On Smiling: Songs By Irving Berlin 1915-1918, CD/Oakton ORCD0003 (Benjamin Sears with Bradford Conner, piano)
3. Irving Berlin’s America, CD/Original Cast OC2013 (Michael Townsend with musical direction by Richard Danley)
4. Chip Deffaa's Irving Berlin Songbook: Rare And Unrecorded Songs, CD/Garret Mountain Records GMRD CDP 0729 (Charles Franklin with musical direction by Richard Danley)

Come Along To Toy Town (Come Along To Toyland) (M/L: Irving Berlin) (originally used in GOING UP):

1. 78/Pathe 22006 (Henry Burr with chorus and orchestral accompaniment)

Everything Is Hunky Dory Down In Honky Tonk Town (M: Harry Tierney; L: Joseph McCarthy):

1. 78/Columbia A 2569 (Peerless Quartette)
2. Radio & Recording Rarities, Vol. 25, CD/Lowlights (Arthur Collins and Byron Harlan)

A Rainbow From The U.S.A. (M: Percy Wenrich; L: William Jerome; Jack F. Mahoney):

1. 78/Victor 18484 (Peerless Quartet with orchestra) [also 78/Okeh 1090]

Sunshine Alley (M/L: Bert Lee; R.P. Weston; L: R.H. Burnside; John Golden):

1. 78/Gennett 4909 A (Joe Samuels and His Master Players (unverified)
2. 78/Cleartone 149 (Samuels’ Music Masters) (unverified)
3. 78/Columbia A 3647 (Ted Lewis and His Orchestra) (unverified)
4. 78/Banner 1097 (Roy Collins’ Orchestra)

Unrecorded Material:

Every Girl Is Doing Her Bit Today (M: James W. Tate; L: Clifford Harris; P.H. Valentine)
Follow The Flag (M: Raymond Hubbell; L: R.H. Burnside)
I Like New York (M/L: Harry Redford; R.P. Weston)
(Come To) The Land Of Romance (M: William Daly; L: John Golden)
Liberty (M: J.M. Rumshinsky; L: Darl MacBoyle)
On Atlantic Beach (M: Harry Tierney; L: Joseph McCarthy)
Roll Along (M: Max Darewski; L: R.H. Burnside; John Golden)
You’re The Very Girl I’ve Looked For (M: William Daly; L: R.H. Burnside; John Golden)