Composer: Various
Lyricist: Various

Opened: October 2, 1952, Booth Theatre, N.Y.C.; November 24, 1954, Globe Theater, London
Performances: 275 (N.Y.C.); ? (London)

Note: Only material not found on An Evening With Beatrice Lillie, Decca (M) LK-4129 and Auntie Bea, Decca (M) LK-4293, is noted below.

Trains (monologue; originally used in AT HOME ABROAD):

1. 78/Decca F-5278 (Reginald Gardiner) [also 78/Decca 23022; 78/Gramophone Shop 1004; reissued on Sounds Of The Steam Age: Vintage Trains, CD/ASV/Living Era 5610]
2. Trains, 78/Decca album 215 (Reginald Gardiner) [reissued on An Evening With Beatrice Lillie, CD/Sepia Records 1123]
3. At Home Abroad, CD/AEI-CD 048 (Reginald Gardiner)

Unrecorded Sketches:

The Conductor
Father And Son
One In Three References (by Harold Simpson and Morris Harvey) (originally used in THE NINE O'CLOCK REVUE and THE CHARLOT REVUE OF 1926)
A Star's First Night (aka "The Girl Friend" by R. MacGunigle from WALK A LITTLE FASTER)