Composer: Elsie Janis
Lyricist: Elsie Janis

Opened: January 16, 1922, Gaiety Theatre, N.Y.C.
Performances: 56

Goodbye Girls, I’m Through  (M: Ivan Caryll; L: John L. Golden) (originally used in CHIN-CHIN):

1. 78/Maritn Pflug 5001 (Martin Pflug, organ)
2. 78/Majestic 1109 (Eddy Howard and Trio with Eddy Howard and His Orchestra)
3. 78/Victor 17715 (Raymond Dixon with orchestra) [reissued on 1915: They’d Sooner Sleep On Thistles, CD/Archeophone 9011]
4. 78/Edison 80214 (Chin-Chin with orchestra)
5. 78/Victor 20-2137 (Artie Dunn with The Three Suns) [reissued on V-Disc Recordings, CD/Vdiscs 26659]
6. 78/Victor 35440 (Victor Light Opera Company) [reissued on Broadway Through The Gramophone – Volume III, CD/Pearl GEMS 0084]
7 . Your Dance Date/At The Aragon Ballroom, CD/Collectables 7643 (Dick Jurgens)
A radio transcription performed by Thomas Hayward with the Norman Cloutier Orchestra is also known to exist.

Mon Homme (M: Maurice Yvain; L: Jacques Charles; Albert Willemetz):

I have not attempted to compile discographical information for this standard.

Unrecorded Material:

All The World Is Wonderful (M: Seymour Simons) (sheet music credited to William Kernell)
Ballet Music (M: Herman Finck)
The Bonus Blues (M: Carey Morgan; Arthur Swanstrom)
Come, The Night Descends
Discontent (M: Herman Finck)
Downtown Dance (Bowery Dance)
I Met A Girl On Monday (cut)
I’ve Been Waiting
I’ve Got The Red White And Blues (sheet music only)
Love In The Springtime Is Not What It Used To Be (M: George Hirst)
Nuthin’ (M/L: Seymour Simons)
Property Man
Too Young To Love
Why All This Fuss About Spain
Will  You Remember?