(8th Edition)

Composer: Harold Arlen
Lyricist: Ted Koehler

Opened: July 1, 1930, New Amsterdam Theatre, N.Y.C.
Performances: 215

Goodnight Sweetheart (M: Ray Noble; L: James Campbell; Reg Connelly) (added for the subsequent tour; also used in EARL CARROLL'S VANITIES OF 1931):

I have not attempted to compile discological information for this standard.

Hittin' The Bottle:

1. 78/Odeon 238.187 (Frankie Trumbauer and His Orchestra with vocal refrain) [also 78/Odeon ONY 36128; 78/Okeh 41437; 78/Parlophone R 795; reissued on The Chronological Frankie Trumbauer And His Orchestra 1929-1931, CD/Classics 1245]
2. 78/Decca 765 (Sy Oliver with Jimmie Lunceford and His Orchestra) [also 78/Odeon 284151; reissued on The Song Is… Harold Arlen, CD/ASV CD AJA 5159]
3. 78/Perfect 15333 (V.C. Speed Young with Clicquot Club Eskimos)
4. 78/Victor 23016 (Dick Robertson with Duke Ellington and His Orchestra) [also 78/Gramophone B 4888; reissued on The Chronological Duke Ellington And His Orchestra 1930, Vol. 2, CD/Classics 596]
5. 78/Broadway 1394 (Charley Olds with The Midnight Ramblers)
6. 78/Brunswick 4858 (Colonial Club Orchestra with vocal chorus)
7. 45/Capitol Dance Bands EJP-2 (The Woody Herman Band) [reissued on The Complete Capitol Recordings Of Woody Herman, CD/Mosaic 196]
8. Jantzen Beach Oregon 1954, CD/Status DSTS 1020 (Woody Herman)
9. The Alternative Takes, Vol. 2: 1930-1931, CD/Neatwork RP 2018 (Duke Ellington and His Orchestra)
10. Good Time Blues: Harmonicas, Kazoos, Washboards & Cow-Bells, CD/Columbia/Legacy CK-46780 (Mississippi Jook Band)

One Love:

1. 78/Brunswick 4973 (Bob Haring and His Orchestra with vocal chorus)

Out Of A Clear Blue Sky:

1. 78/Brunswick 4858 (Colonial Club Orchestra with vocal chorus)
2. The Fleischman Yeast Hour December 13, 1934, CD/Redmond Nostalgia CD-1076 (Rudy Vallee)

Unrecorded Material:

Contagious Rhythm
Going Up (M: Jay Gorney; E.Y. Harburg)
Grand Finale
I Came To Life (When I Found You) (M: Jay Gorney; L: E.Y. Harburg)
Kneedeep In June (M: Jay Gorney; L: E.Y. Harburg)
Love Boats (M: Jay Gorney; L: E.Y. Harburg)
The March Of Time
Nevertheless (added for the subsequent tour)
Ring Out The Blues (M: Jay Gorney; L: E.Y. Harburg (ASCAP/Library of Congress only)
Rumba Rhythm (aka "La Rumba") (M: James P. Johnson; L: Stella Unger)