Composer: Morris Hamilton
Lyricists: Grace Henry

Opened: August 6, 1928, Earl Carroll's Theatre, N.Y.C.
Performances: 200

Blue Shadows (M: Louis Alter; L: Raymond Klages):

1. 78/Brunswick 4059 (Jack Parker with Vincent Lopez and His Casa Lopez Orchestra)
2. 78/Victor 21632 (Frank Munn with Johnny Hamp's Kentucky Serenaders)
3. 78/Columbia 1647 D (Goodrich Silvertown Quartet with piano accompaniment)
4. 78/Perfect 15041 (Willis Night Hawks with the Deep River Orchestra)
5. 78/Columbia 1521 D (Leo Reisman and His Orchestra with vocal refrain) [also 78/Columbia 1521]
6. 78/Romeo 740 (Rodman Lewis with The Caroliners) [also 78/Cameo 8317; also 78/Conqueror 7190]
7. 78/Harmony 699 (Musical Comedy Orchestra)
8. 78/Banner 7238 (Ralph Haines with the Carolina Collegians)
9. 78/Broadway 1207 (J. Allen with Bill Haid's Cubs) [reissued on Paramount Hot Dance Obscurities 1927-28, CD/Jazz Oracle 8039]
10. 78/Brunswick 4140 (Glen Wick with orchestra)
11. 78/Okeh 41160 (Seger Ellis with orchestra) [reissued on Jazz In A Sentimental Mood, CD/The Old Masters 131]
12. 78/Victor 21765 (The Revelers with piano) [reissued on Diamond Master Series: The Revelers, CD/Prestige Elite Records]

Fascinating You (M/L: Charles Tobias; Harry Tobias; Vincent Rose) (added for the subsequent tour; also used in EARL CARROLL'S SKETCHBOOK (1929)):

1. 78/Victor 22127 (Don Howard and the Phelps Twins with orchestra)

O! What A Night To Love (M/L: Jean Herbert, Al Koppel, and Seeger Ellis):

1. The Broadway Musicals Of 1928, CD/Original Cast OC 6827 (Joyce Chittick with musical direction by Ross Patterson)

Once In A Lifetime (M: Jesse Greer; L: Raymond Klages):

1. 78/Brunswick 4059 (Ed Smalle and Dick Robertson with Vincent Lopez and His Casa Lopez Orchestra)
2. 78/Champion 15620 (Red Gordon's Aces with vocal chorus)
3. 78/Broadway 1222 (The Manhattan Entertainers)
4. 78/Harmony 708 (Musical Comedy Orchestra)
5. 78/Okeh 41161 (Mike Markel's Society Orchestra with vocal refrain)
6. 78/Victor 21677 (Johnny Johnson and His Statler Pennsylvanians)

Raquel (M: Joseph Burke; L: George Whiting):

1. 78/Columbia 1521 D (Leo Reisman and His Orchestra with vocal refrain) [also 78/Columbia 1521]
2. 78/Victor 21910 (Frank Munn with Edwin J. McEnelly's Orchestra) [reissued on Complete Recordings 1925-1929, CD/Rivermont 1140]
3. 78/Victor 21911 (The Revelers with piano) [reissued on The Revellers, 1926-1931, CD/Kleinaberkunst KK 002]

Vaniteaser (M: Michael Cleary; L: Paul James):

1. 78/Diva 2719 G (Ernest Hare with the Golden Gates Orchestra) [also 78/Velvet Tone 1719 V; reissued on Crazy Words, Crazy Tune, CD/Document DOCD 1104]
2. 78/Okeh 41113 (The Goofus Five and Their Orchestra with vocal refrain)
3. Unreleased Edison Laterals I, CD/Diamond Cut (City Hall) 201 (The California Ramblers)

Watch My Baby Walk (M: Peter De Rose; L: Jo Trent):

1. 78/Harmony 699 (Musical Comedy Orchestra)

You Alone (M: Bernard Matlin; L: Jean Fraser) (not in program):

1. 78/Harmony 708 (Musical Comedy Orchestra)

Unrecorded Material:

The Collegiate Vaniteaser (M: Michael H. Cleary; L: Paul Jones)
The Dryad
Forever Mine
Flutterby Baby
Garden Of Beautiful Girls (M/L: George Bagby; G. Romilli)
Getting (The) Beautiful Girls (M: Michael McCleary; L: Ned Washington)
Gliding Gondola (M/L: George Bagby)
Grand Finale
I'm Flyin' High (M/L: Roy Doll; Jack Le Soir; Abner Silver)
Machinery Ballet
Minuet (added for the subsequent tour)
My Arms Are Open (M: Michael Cleary; L: Ned Washington) (dropped for the subsequent tour)
Oh, How That Man Can Love (M/L: Herb Magidson; Lillian Roth)
Opening Chorus (dropped for the subsequent tour)
Painting A Vanities Girl (M/L: Ernie Golden; Grace Henry) (dropped for the subsequent tour)
Pretty Girl
Raquel Tango
Rose Of The World
Say It With Girls
Tell Me Truly (M/L: G. Romilli)