(Television Drama with Music)

Composer: David Hill; Robert Stevenson
Lyricist: David Hill; Robert Stevenson

Broadcast: May 1, 1957, Kraft Television Theatre, N.B.C.

Start Movin' (In My Direction):

1. 78/Bell 43 (Edna McGriff) [reissued on Rock 'N' Roll Bell Ringers, CD/Ace 1042]
2. 45/Epic 5-9216 (Sal Mineo with orchestra conducted by Ray Ellis) [reissued on The Complete Epic Recordings, CD/Taragon 1092]
3. Great British Rock 'N' Roll: Just About as Good as It Gets!, CD/Smith & Co. 1171 (Terry Dene)
4. British Beat Before the Beatles, Vol. 2: 1957, CD/EMI 89221 (Larry Page)

Unrecorded Number:

Drummer Man (M/L: Joe Allison)