Composer: Various
Lyricist: Various

Opened: September 22, 1960, Upstairs At The Downstairs, N.Y.C.
Performances: Unknown

Note: Only numbers not found on the original cast recording are noted below.

Four Seasons (M: William Roy; L: Louis Botto) (also used in FOUR BELOW STRIKES BACK) :

1. Four Below Strikes Back, Offbeat (M) 0-4017 (George Furth, Cy Young, Jenny Lou Law, and Nancy Dussault with Robert Colston and Paul Trueblood, pianos)

Lincoln Center (M/L: Rod Warren) (later used in DIME A DOZEN) :

1. Dime A Dozen, Cadence (S) CLP-25063 (Gerry Matthews with William Roy and Robert Colston, pianos)

Thanks To You (I'm A Brand New Woman) (M/L: Bart Howard):

1. My Heart Sings, CD/Orchard 6070 (Betty Johnson with the Metropolitan Jazz Group)

Unrecorded Material:

Cook's Tour (M/L: Lesley Davison)
Keishi Attu Za Battu or The Three Challenges (sketch by Ernest Chambers)
The New Yorker (sketch by Michael McWhinney)

Note: The album Off Broadway, CD/Decca Broadway 012 159 254-2 (Jerry Orbach) indicates that that the song "Portofino" was also from this show. It is possible that it was added to the show as some point. For recordings of this song, see the listing for TAKE FIVE (1957).