Composer: Alfred Cellier
Lyricist: B.C. Stephenson

Opened: September 25, 1886, Gaiety Theatre, London; November 5, 1887, Standard Theatre, N.Y.C.
Performances: ? (London); 43 (N.Y.C.)

Note: An unidentified selection also appears on 78/HMV 04515/6 (Light Opera Company).

Queen Of My Heart (Tonight) (added after the London opening):

1. 78/Decca F2587 (George Baker with orchestra accompaniment)
2. 78/Victor 16289 (Alan Turner)
3. On Stage, EMI (M) EM 29 0573 3 (Peter Dawson with orchestra)

Unrecorded Material:

Are You Sure (That They Are All In Bed)?
Be Wise In Time, O Phyllis Mine
Contentment I Give You
Dancing Is Not What It Used To Be (Old Woman’s Chorus)
Dorcas (not in Broadway program)
Duke Of Berkshire (not in Broadway program)
Entrance Dorothy And Lydia
A Father’s Joy And Pride They Are
Graceful Dance
Hark Forward! Hark Forward! Away! (Finale Act 2)
I Am The Sheriff’s Faithful Man
I Hear The Quarter Chime (not in Broadway program)
I Stand At Your Threshhold Sighing
Introduction and Country Dance
Lads And Lasses round About The Hop Pole Trip
No Time Has Come When I Must Yield (not in Broadway program)
Now Take Your Seats At Table Spread (Finale Act 1)
One Moment Pray
Though Born A Man Of High Degree
The Time Has Come
To Bed So Soon, Good Night
Under The Pump
We’re Sorry To Delay You
What Joy Untold
What Noise Was That?
You Swear To Be Good And True (Who Swore To Be Good And True?) (Finale Act 3)
With Such Dainty Dame None Can Compare