Composers: Arthur Johnston; George W. Meyer
Lyricists: Grant Clarke; Roy Turk

Opened: October 29, 1924, Broadhurst Theatre, N.Y.C.
Performances: 77

The Blues Have Got Me (M: Abner Silver; L: Roy Turk) (not in program):

1. 78/Brunswick 2747 (Marion Harris with orchestra) [reissued on Flappers, Vamps & Sweet Young Things, CD/ASV/Living Era CDAJA 5015]
2. 78/Victor 19609 (Jane Green with orchestra)

I’m A Little Blackbird Looking For A Bluebird (also used in LEW LESLIE’S BLACKBIRDS (1926) and BLACK BROADWAY):

1. 78/Columbia DO 2727 (Eva Taylor with Clarence Williams' Blue Five with Louis Armstrong and Sidney Bechet) [also 78/Okeh 40260; 78/Parlophone E 5670; 78/Columbia 35957; reissued on The Chronological Clarence Williams 1924-1926, CD/Classics 695]
2. New Orleans Encore, 10"/Riverside Records RLP-2503 (Bob Hodes Red Onion Jazz Band)
3. Barrel Of Keys, CD/Jazz Connaisseur 140 (Dick Hyman and Louis Mazetier, pianos)
4. Stomp Miss Hannah, CD/Stomp Off 1354 (Milano Hot Jazz Orchestra)
5. Go Back Where You Stayed Last Night, CD/GHB Records 167 (Carol Leigh)
6. The Chronological Earl Hines 1953-1954, CD/Classics 1440 (Earl Hines)
7. Toe-Tapping Dixieland Jazz, CD/Merrymakers 13 (Ted Shafer's Jelly Roll Jazz Band)
8. Turk Murphy's San Francisco Jazz Band, CD/Merrymakers 3 (Turk Murphy's San Francisco Jazz Band)
9. Remembering Louis, CD/Jump Records 1225 (Marty Grosz, Ken Peplowski, Jon-Erik Kells, and Vince Giordano)
10. The Complete Sessions 1955-1957, CD/Lake 162 (The Dave Carey Jazz Band)

Mandy Make Up Your Mind (M: George W. Meyer) (also used in LEW LESLIE’S BLACKBIRDS (1926)):

I have not attempted to compile discological information for this song.

Unrecorded Material:

Darkest Russia
Dixie Dreams (M: Arthur Johnston; L: Grant Clark)
Dixie Wildflowers
A Few Steps In Front Of The Curtain
He Only Comes To See Me Once In A While (also used in LEW LESLIE’S BLACKBIRDS (1926)
Heebie Jeebie Blues (cut)
Jungle Nights In Dixieland (Jungle Town Has Moved To Dixieland) (also used in LEW LESLIE’S BLACKBIRDS (1926))
If My Dreams Come True (sketch?)
Jazz Time Came From The South
Marching Through Georgia (M/L: Shelton Brooks)
Prisoners Up To Date
Put Your Old Bandana On
Trottin’ To The Land Of Cotton Melodies