Composer: Various
Lyricist: Various

Opened: February 15, 1952
Performances: Closed out of town

Fall River Folly (aka "Lizzie Borden) (subsequently used in NEW FACES OF 1952):

1. Michael Brown Sings His Own Songs, 10"/Trio EB-2535 (Michael Brown with the Norman Paris Trio)
2. Alarums & Excursions, Impulse (M) A-24 (Michael Brown with music conducted by Arnold Goland)
3. New Faces Of 1952, RCA Victor 1008 (Joe Lautner, Bill Mullikin, Paul Lynde, Pat Hammerlee & Company with orchestra conducted by Anton Coppola) [reissued as CD/RCA 04441]
4. Odd Songs And A Poem, Dolphin (M) 5 (Cyril Ritchard with Stuart Ross, piano) [reissued on John Murray Anderson's Almanac And Other Broadway-London Revues, CD/DRG 19009]
5. Mighty Day On Campus, Kapp (S) KS-3262 (The Chad Mitchell Trio) [also 45/Kapp K-439X; reissued as CD/Folk Era 3262]
6. Mighty Day: The Chad Mitchell Trio Reunion, CD/Folk Era 1422 (The Chad Mitchell Trio)
7. The Ultimate Alma Coogan, CD/EMI 540466 (Alma Coogan)
8. Billy's Your Uncle, CD/Vocalion 4237 (Billy Cotton and His Band)

I Gotta Make My Own Music (M: Arthur Siegel; L: Charlotte Kent):

1. Live At The Ballroom, CD/Original Cast 9526 Arthur Siegel, piano and voice)
2. Arthur Siegel Sings Arthur Siegel, CD/Original Cast OC-9214 (Arthur Siegel, piano and voice)

I Love You, I Love You, I Love You (M: Michael Brown):

1. 45/M-G-M 51S288 (Bill Hayes)

Let Me Love You (M/L: Bart Howard):

1. Songs By Mabel Mercer Vol. 2, 10"/Atlantic 403 (Mabel Mercer) [reissued as The Art Of Mabel Mercer, CD/Collectables 6838]
2. Rockin' With Milt, Capitol (M) T642 (Milt Buckner) [reissued as CD/Fresh Sound 511]
3. Hooray For Love, Epic N-3281 (Robert Clary) [reissued on Meet Robert Clary/Hooray For Love, CD/Collectables 7408]
4. Give Him the Ooh-La-La, Verve V-2081 (Blossom Dearie, piano and voice, with Ray Brown, bass, Herb Ellis, guitar, and Jo Jones, drums) [reissued as CD/Polygram 517067]
5. Body And Soul, Epic N-24101 (Buddy Greco with orchestra conducted by Robert Mersey) [also 45/Epic 5-9499; reissued on Body And Soul/My Last Night In Rome, CD/Collectables 6872]
6. The Voice That Is!, Impulse! 144 (Johnny Hartmann) [reissued as CD/Impulse! 12982]
7. This Time It's Love, Columbia CS-8523 (The Hi-Los) [reissued as CD/Collectables 7552]
8. Shirley Horn With Horns, Mercury (S) SR-60835 (Shirley Horn with music conducted by Quincy Jones) [reissued on Loads Of Love/Shirley Horn With Horns, CD/Verve 843454-2]
9. Robert Clary Lives It Up At The Playboy Club, Atlantic (M) 8053 (Robert Clary)
10. Arbiter Of Elegance, Purist 1 (Charles DeForest)
11. Very Glad To Be Unhappy, Sir (M) LP-L421 (Bill Shelburne)
12. It's Love, RCA Victor LPM-1148 (Lena Horne with Lennie Hayton and His Orchestra) [also found on 45EP/RCA Victor EPA 676; reissued on CD/BMG 38191]
13. At The Waldorf Astoria, RCA LOC-1028 (Lena Horne with Nat Brandwynne's Orchestra conducted by Lennie Hayton) [reissued on At the Waldorf Astoria/At the Sands, CD/Collectables 2841]
14. Wonderful, Wonderful, Columbia CS-9046 (Johnny Mathis with orchestra conducted by Percy Faith) [reissued as Johnny Mathis/Wonderful, Wonderful, CD/Columbia 4976032]
15. The Nearness Of You, Emarcy MG-36134 (Helen Merrill) [reissued as CD/Mercury 9033]
16. Live…At The Losers, Vee-Jay P-1070 (Ann Richards) [reissued on Live...At The Losers/We Remember Mildred Bailey, CD/Vee-Jay 18]
17. Annie Ross Sings A Handful Of Songs, Everest 1227 (Annie Ross with orchestra conducted by Johnny Spence) [reissued as CD/DCC 626]
18. Like Someone In Love, Bulldog (S) BDL 1049 (Annie Ross with Johnny Spence & His Orchestra)
19. When Your Heart's On Fire, Decca DL 8394 (Jeri Southern with orchestra conducted by Tutti Camarata) [reissued as CD/MCA 3016]
20. In The Land Of Hi-Fi, EmArcy MG-36073 (Dinah Washington with orchestra conducted by Hal Mooney) [reissued as CD/Emarcy 826453-2]
21. Let Me Love You: The Songs Of Bart Howard, CD/DRG 91442 (Portia Nelson with orchestra conducted by Ralph Burns)
22. By Myself Alone, Inner City 6026 (Ann Burton) [reissued as CD/East Wind 9004]
23. Remembering Mabel Mercer, CD/Audiophile ACD-322 (Joyce Breach with the Keith Ingham Trio)
24. After The Ball, CD/Verve 000060202 (Frank D'Rone with orchestra conducted by Billy May)
25. My Own Space, CD/PC Ford Product PCF9 (Phyllis Ford with musical direction by Wayne Sabella)
26. The ABC-Paramount Years, CD/Koch 7927 (Jackie & Roy)
27. Soft Lights & Sweet Music, CD/Orchard 6072 (Betty Johnson with Tony Monte, piano, and Bill Conway, bass)
28. Family Affair, CD/Orchard 6075 (Betty Johnson)
29. The Kitty Kallen Story, CD/CBS A2K-48978 (Kitty Kallen)
30. Watermelon Man, CD/Jazz Door 1247 (Lambert, Hendricks & Ross)
31. Jaye & Kaye: Life Long Friends, CD/DJ & K Productions 95320 (Jaye P. Morgan)
32. The Grand Encounter, CD/Blue Note 38268 (Dianne Reeves)
33. 1997 Panasonic Village Jazz Festival, CD/Int'l Music Factory 1004 (Dianne Reeves)
34. John Barry and Guests, Vol. 4, CD/Fat Boy 4418 (Annie Ross and John Barry)
35. I Have Dreamed, CD/Chase CMD 8035 (David Silverman, piano and voice, with Paul Gormley, bass, and Paul Kreibich, drums)
36. Life Is The Song, CD/Melani Skybell (Melani Skybell)
37. Dangerous Mood, CD/Easily Suede 1005 (Suede)
38. In Other Words: The Songs of Bart Howard, CD/DRG 91449 (K.T. Sullivan with musical direction by William Roy)
39. The Very Best of Pat Suzuki: The RCA & Vik Recordings, CD/Taragon 1061 (Pat Suzuki)
40. Sylvia Syms Sings/Songs of Love, CD/Jasmine 606 (Sylvia Syms)
41. Pure And Natural, CD/Audiophile ACD-235 (Marlene Ver Planck)
42. Bart!: The Songs Of Bart Howard, CD/Painted Smiles PSCD-114 (Julie Wilson with William Roy, piano)
43. Lucky To Be Me, CD/JMM Records JMMI 0002 (Larry Woodard, piano and voice)
44. Midnight Caravan, CD/LML Music LML CD-274 (Linda Purl with musical direction by Ted Firth)

Swamp Boy (M/L: Michael Brown):

1. 78/Columbia 38769 (Herb Jeffries with orchestra and chorus conducted by Mitch Miller) (as "Swamp Girl") [also 45/Columbia 1-589]
2. 78/Mercury 5390 (Frankie Laine with Carl Fischer, piano, and the Harry Geller Orchestra and Chorus) (as "Swamp Girl") [also 45EP/Mercury MEP 15390; 10"/Mercury 25026; reissued on The Frankie Laine Collection, CD/Mercury 510 435]
3. Call Of The Wild, Columbia (S) CS-8629 (Frankie Laine with orchestra conducted by Johnny Williams) (as "Swamp Girl") [reissued on Call Of The Wild/Wanderlust, CD/Collectables 7603]
4. Pot Luck, Argo 715 (Ramsey Lewis Trio) (as "Swamp Girl")
5. Making Memories, CD/Satril 5001 (Frankie Laine) (as "Swamp Girl")

Take Care Of Yourself (M/L: Bart Howard):

1. Guitar Guitar, Columbia (S) CS 9130 (Herb Ellis and Charlie Byrd) [reissued as CD/Wounded Bird 9130]
2. Remind Me, Stanyan (S) 10060 (Portia Nelson with the Norman Paris Trio) [reissued on Love Songs For A Late Evening, CD/DRG 91451]
3. Jazz 'N' Samba, CD/Hindsight 606 (Charlie Byrd)
4. The Polygon Years, Vol. 2 (Meet Me in Battersea Park), CD/RPM 131 (Petula Clark)
5. Joe Loss & His Orchestra, CD/Golden Sounds 863772 (Joe Loss & His Orchestra)
6. Morning, Noon & Night, CD/Polygram 557484 (Arthur Prysock)
7. Bart!: The Songs Of Bart Howard, CD/Painted Smiles PSCD-114 (KT Sullivan and William Roy with William Roy, piano)

Unrecorded Material:

Christmas Shopping (M/L: Bert Kalmar Jr.)
Curtain Going Up (aka "Stage Door") (M/L: Michael Brown)
Dance Hall (aka "I Know That He'll Find Me") (M/L: Michael Brown)
Doctor Scholl (M/L: Charlotte Kent)
Give Me Four Beats (M: Arthur Siegel; L: Charlotte Kent)
Indian Giver (M/L: Irvin Graham)
Leave Them Wanting More (M: Dean Fuller; L: David Craig)
Lonely For My New York (M/L: Charlotte Kent)
Lot Of Lovin' (M/L: Charlotte Kent)
Miss Rhinestone (M/L: Irvin Graham)
Money (M/L: Ed Hein)
Rich Woman (M/L: Irvin Graham)
This Is The Day (M/L: Bart Howard)
We Come To The Theatre (M/L: Charlotte Kent)