Composer: Robert Dahdah
Lyricist: Robert Dahdah

Opened: November 22, 1967, Bert Wheeler Theatre, N.Y.C.
Performances: 931

Note: Live performance recordings of the show are known to exist.

Curley McDimple:

1. 45/Capitol P 2116 (Bayn Johnson & Paul Cahill)

I've Got A Little Secret:

1. 45/Capitol P 2116 (Bayn Johnson & Paul Cahill)

Unrecorded Material:

Are There Any More Rosie O'Grady's?
At The Playground Jamboree
Be Grateful For What You've Got
A Cup Of Coffee
Curley's The Girlie For Me (dropped after opening)
Dancing In The Rain
Dwarf's Song
Hi De Hi De Hi, Hi De Hi De Ho
I Try
Love Is The Loveliest Love Song
The Meanest Man In Town
Something Nice Is Going To Happen
Stars And Lovers
You Little Monkey, You (dropped after opening)