Composer: James Van Heusen
Lyricist: Johnny Burke

Released: 1946

Cross My Heart (M: Robert Emmett Dolan; L: Larry Neill) (used for exploitation purposes):

1. A Prelude To A Kiss, CD/Universal 9330 (Jeri Southern)

Love Is The Darndest Thing:

1. Spotlight On Betty Hutton, CD/Capitol 89942 (Betty Hutton)
A radio transcription performed by the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra is also known to exist.

That Little Dream Got Nowhere:

1. 78/Columbia 37050 (Dinah Shore with orchestra conducted by Meredith Willson) [reissued on The Great American Composers: James Van Heusen, CD/Columbia House 2C2 8164]
2. 78/Decca 23636 (Bing Crosby with Eddie Heywood, piano, and instrumental accompaniment) [reissued on The Chronological Eddie Heywood 1944-1946, CD/Classics 1038]
3. 78/Majestic 7201 (Teddy Norman with Ray McKinley and His Orchestra)
Radio transcriptions performed by Willard Young and The Music Of Manhattan conducted by Norman Cloutier, the Charlie Spivak Orchestra, and Stuart Foster with the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra are also known to exist.

Unrecorded Material:

Does Baby Feel All Right?
How Do You Do It?
It Hasn't Been Chilly In Chile Since Lilly O'Reilly's Around