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Finally, I would like to thank Glenn Atchison (Toronto, Canada) for feeding the addiction and, in particular, and Richard C. Norton and David Hummel for sharing detailed information about their record holdings. Additional information was provided by John Aldous, Ronnie Apperson, Robert Armin, Mel Atkey, Jeremy Aufderheide, Fred Barton, Michael Bitterman, Ken Bloom, Jason Robert Brown, Rex Bunnett, Marc Castle, Seth Christenfeld, David Cleaver, Michael Colby, Stephen Cole, George Connolly, Buck Dietz, Tom DiMaggio, Ed Dixon, Albert Evans, Thad Evotee, Ian Ewing, Scott Fagan, Michael Feinstein, Tony Finstrom, Joe Frazetta, Will Friedwald, Alan Gomberg, Paul Heap, Tom Herson, David L. Hobbs, Mark Eden Horowitz, Jane Klain, Dan Langan, C.P. Lee, Dr. David Levy, Robert LoBiondo, Brandon Maggart, Richard Maltby, Jr., Greg MacKellan, Joe Marchese, John Mayer, Roger Mellor, Joe Miller, Mark Miller, George Moffatt, Larry Moore, Ian Nairnsey, Mike Picariello, Gabriel Pellegrino, Peter Pinne, Howard Pollack, Jack Raymond, David Shire, Michael A. Simpson, Dan Spiers, Ron Spivak, Jerry Thomas, Bobby Traversa, Adrian Tuddenham, Terry Wardrope, David Weiner, Jeffrey Winslow, David Wood, Andrew Zerman, and other members of CASTRECL.