Composer: Harold Arlen
Lyricist: Ted Koehler

Opened: April 6, 1933, Cotton Club, N.Y.C.
Performances: Unknown

Get Yourself A New Broom (also used in COTTON CLUB PARADE (1933) (23rd Edition):

1. 78/Brunswick 6607 (Ivie Anderson with Duke Ellington and His Orchestra) [also 78/Brunswick A 500.253; 78/Columbia DO 1873; reissued on The Best Of Duke Ellington, CD/Sony/BMG 88697302362 ]
2. Get Yourself A New Broom (And Sweep Those Blues Away), Rounder 3027 (Guy Van Duser and Billy Novick) [reissued as CD/Vivid Sound 160]
3. Songs From The Cotton Club, CD/Mobile Fidelity MFCD-836 (Maxine Sullivan)

Happy As The Day Is Long (also used in COTTON CLUB PARADE (1933) (23rd Edition):

1. 78/Brunswick 6571 (Ivie Anderson with Duke Ellington and His Orchestra) [reissued on The Best Of Duke Ellington, CD/Sony/BMG 730236]
2. 78/Victor 24315 (Harold Arlen with Leo Reisman's Orchestra) [also 78/Victor L 16026; reissued on Harold Arlen Sings Sweet And Hot, CD/Living Era CD AJA 5603]
3. 78/Perfect 15790 (Mike Doty with Joe Haymes and His Orchestra) [also 78/Melotone M 12740; reissued on Joe Haymes and His Orchestra, 1932-1936, CD/IAJRC 1008]
4. 78/Decca 214 (Fletcher Henderson and His Orchestra) [78/Decca 3885; 78/Brunswick 02039; reissued on The Chronological Fletcher Henderson And His Orchestra 1932-1934, CD/Classics 535]
5. 78/Bluebird B 5088 (Cal Clement and Trio with the Georgia Washboard Stompers) [reissued on Washboard Rhythm Kings Collection, Vol. 4: 1933, CD/Collector's Classics 26]
6. 78/Victor 24316 (Ramona Davis and Her Grand Piano) [reissued on Ramona And Her Grand Piano, JJA-19754]
7. Seeker Of Wisdom And Truth, CD/Cabaret CACD 5012-2 (Wesla Whitfield with the Mike Greensill Trio)
8. My Shining Hour: A Harold Arlen Songbook, CD/High Note HCD 7012 (Weslia Whitfield with the Mike Greensill Trio)
9. The Man From Georgia, CD/Jasmine JASCD 428 (Johnny Mercer with Paul Weston and His Orchestra)
10. Songs From The Cotton Club, CD/Mobile Fidelity MFCD-836 (Maxine Sullivan)
11. The Two Sides of the Great Tenor: 1932-1951, CD/Jazz Legends 1026 (Ben Webster)
12. Born To Swing, CD/Audiophile 316 (Daryl Sherman)
13. I Saw Stars, CD/Arbors 19136 (Rebecca Kilgore with Dan Barrett's Celestial Six)
14. You Must Remember This: The Happy Album, CD/Happy Days 261 (Pat O'Malley)
15. Pieces Of Us, CD/Ctbop Music (Pieces Of Us) (unverified)
16. Adrian Rollini As A Sideman, Vol. 1, CD/Jazz Oracle 8050 (Adrian Rollini)
17. Rainbow Wings, CD/Jan Abrams (Jan Abrams)
18. Benny Carter Vol. 3: 1933-1934, CD/Masters of Jazz 39 (Benny Carter)
19. Look In My Eyes, CD/LML Music LML-CD 135 (Charles Cermele)
20. May I Suggest, CD/JJ Music 1213 (Joan Curto with musical direction by Beckie Menzie)
21. 1939-1941 Broadcasts, CD/Jazz Hour 1052 (Tommy Dorsey & His Orchestra)
22. Right As The Rain, CD/Broadway Center Stage BCSCD-01 (Suzanne Ishee and Mark Hardy with musical direction by Phil Hall)

Love Is The Thing (M: Victor Young; L: Ned Washington) (also used in COTTON CLUB PARADE (1933) (23rd Edition):

1. 78/Columbia 36329 (Ethel Waters) [also 78/Brunswick 6564; reissued on The Chronological Ethel Waters 1931-1934, CD/Classics 738]
2. 78/Gramophone B 10156 (Alan Dean with orchestra conducted by Frank Cordell)
3. 78/Rex 8339 (Morton Downey with orchestra) [also 78/Perfect 12923; reissued on The Irish Nightingale, CD/ASV/Living Era 5173]
4. 78/Decca 2962 (Pha Terrell with Andy Kirk and His Clouds of Joy) [reissued on The Chronological Andy Kirk And His Twelve Clouds Of Joy 1939-1940, CD/Classics 640]
5. 78/Carousel 2005 (Joe Mooney and the Joe Mooney Trio) [reissued on Joe Breaks the Ice, CD/Hep 65]
6. 78/Jubilee 5052 (Errol Garner, piano) [also 78/Futurama 3006; reissued on The Chronological Erroll Garner 1944, Vol. 3, CD/Classics 850]
7. 78/Mercury 8297 (Beryl Booker Trio) [reissued on The Chronological Beryl Booker 1946-1952, CD/Classics 1415]
8. 78/Brunswick 6584 (Kenneth Sargent with the Casa Loma Orchestra) [also 78/Vocalion 4822; reissued on White Jazz, CD/Old Bean 5]
9. 78/Lamb's 10-100 (Ann Hathaway with the Mickey Folus Quintet)
10. 78/Vocalion 2526 (Joey Nash with Dick Himber and the Essex House Orchestra) [reissued on It Isn't Fair, CD/Renovation 7002]
11. Memoirs, Accent 5091 (Irving Ashby)
12. For Young Moderns In Love, 10"/Capitol T-613 (Sam Donahue Orchestra) [reissued as CD/Toshiba EMI 9645]
13. Big Fat Brass, Capitol **** (Billy May and His Orchestra) [reissued on Big Fat Brass/Bill's Bag, CD/EMI 535206]
14. You're Mine, You, *** (George Chakiris with orchestra conducted Bob Bain)
15. Love Is The Thing, Capitol SW-824 (Nat King Cole with orchestra conducted by Gordon Jenkins) [also 45EP/Capitol 1-824; reissued as CD/Capitol C2-46648]
16. Listen Easy, MGM Verve (S) MV-5094 (Tony Bennett with orchestra conducted by Don Costa)
17. It's Love, RCA LPM-1148 (Lena Horne with Lennie Hayton and His Orchestra) [also 45EP/RCA Victor EPA 676l; reissued on It's Love/Songs By Burke & Van Heusen, CD/BMG 82876 625972]
18. Love Is The Thing, Prestige 7784 (Etta James) [reissued on Something Nice, CD/Prestige/OJC 221]
19. Something Big, Jazzland 78(978) (Metronomes) (unverified)
20. Harumi Miyako With Strings, CD/3D 1027 (Harumi Miyako)
21. Round Midnight, CD/Universal International 9038 (Hazel Scott)
22. The Queen, Vol. 3: There Will Never Be Another You, CD/Kenneth 3404 (Maxine Sullivan)
23. Swing Fever, CD/Fresh Sounds 2007 (Si Zentner, His Trombone and His Orchestra) (unverified)
24. Ballads For Loving Kindness, CD/Divox Jazz 49305 (Miriam Klein with Kirk Lightsey, piano)
25. Queens Of Song, CD/Jasmine 348 (The King Sisters)
26. Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers, CD/Bear Family 15782 (Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers)
27. Love, CD/Nagel-Heyer 71 (Terrie Richards Alden & Howard Alden)
28. Sing For Your Supper, CD/Avid 529 (unknown performer)
29. The Marrying Man, CD/Elektra/Asylum 61105 (orchestra conducted by David Newman)
30. Love Is The Thing: Sharon Paige Sings The Songs Of Ned Washington, CD/Man In The Moon MM1 (Sharon Paige with the Keith Ingham Sextet)
31. Keith Ingham New York 9, Vol. 3, CD/Jump 1223 (Keith Ingham New York 9)
32. Mix It Up, CD/Top Hat (Mel Bliss)
33. Love Is The Thing, CD/Audiophile ACD-314 (Joyce Breach with William Roy, piano)
34. Gumption! Ain't Got None? Better Get Some!, CD/Gumption (Corey Brooks & The Gumption Group)
35. Love Is The Thing, CD/LML Music LML-CD 178 (Rondi Charleston)
36. One Hour Tonight, CD Music Masters 60148 (Kenny Davern)
37. Harlem Lullaby, CD/Hep 1006 (The Dorsey Brothers Orchestra)
38. Mister B. and the Band: The Savoy Sessions, CD/Savoy 264 (Billy Eckstine)

Muggin' Lightly (also used in COTTON CLUB PARADE (1933) (23rd Edition):

1. 78/Okeh 8830 (Luis Russell and His Orchestra) [also 78/Parlophone R 934; reissued on The Chronological Luis Russell And His Orchestra 1930-1934, CD/Classics 606]

Raisin' The Rent (also used in COTTON CLUB PARADE (1933) (23rd Edition):

1. 78/Brunswick 6571 (Ivie Anderson with Duke Ellington and His Orchestra) [also Brunswick 02076; reissued on The Chronological Duke Ellington And His Orchestra 1933, CD/Classics 637]
2. 78/Victor 24316 (Ramona Davis and Her Grand Piano) [reissued on Ramon & Her Grand Piano, CD/The Old Masters 116]
3. America's Great Singers: The Music Of Harold Arlen, CD/Reflections 8102 (Ethel Water with the Dorsey Brothers)
4. Songs From The Cotton Club, CD/Mobile Fidelity MFCD-836 (Maxine Sullivan)
5. That Was Now - This Is Then, CD/Peter Lamson (Peter Lamson) (unverified)
6. Lena Horne: The Lady and Her Music, Qwest (S) 2QW-3597 (Clare Bathe and Tyra Ferrell with orchestra conducted by Linda Twine) (part of a "Cotton Club" medley) [reissued as CD/Qwest 3597]

Stormy Weather (also used in COTTON CLUB PARADE (1933) (23rd Edition):

1. I have not attempted to provide discological information for this Arlen standard.

Unrecorded Material:

Calico Days (also used in COTTON CLUB PARADE (1933) (23rd Edition)
I'm Looking For Another Handy Man (also used in COTTON CLUB PARADE (1933) (23rd Edition)