Composer: Various
Lyricist: Various

Aired: September 26, 1990 - December 26, 1990, ABC

Note: A complete song list is not available at this time.

Sandman's Coming (M/L: Randy Newman) (subsequently used in FAUST):

1. Faust, CD/Rhino 73785 (Randy Newman and Linda Ronstadt)
2. Faust, CD/Rhino 73785 (Randy Newman and Linda Ronstadt) (demo version)
3. The Randy Newman Songbook, Volume 2, CD/Nonesuch 7559797820 (Randy Newman, piano and voice)
4. Archangel, CD/Original Cast 4500 (Michael Vaccaro)
5. Burn On, CD/Dolphin 1184 (Jack L)

She's The One (M/L: Randy Newman):

1. Cry Tomorrow, CD/Belle Sound BS-007 (Stephanie Finch)

Under The Gun (aka "Cop Rock Theme") (M/L: Randy Newman):

1. TV Land Crime Stoppers: TV's Greatest Cop Themes, CD/Rhino 75866 (Randy Newman)
2. As Heard On TV, CD/Big Eye Music (The TV Theme Players)
3. TV Hits, CD/MusicDigi 55154 (unknown performer)

Unrecorded Material:

Anyone Can Die (M/L: Greg Edmonson; Ron Boustead; Harvey Estrada)
Baby Merchant (M/L: Walsh Brock)
Be Careful Out There (M/L: ?)
Blue Is Blue (M/L: ?)
Bumpty Bump (M/L: Walsh Brock)
Choose Me, Baby (M/L: Greg Edmonson; Ron Boustead)
Civil Wars (M/L: ?)
Clean It Up (M/L: Donald Markowitz)
A Cowboy's Lament (M/L: Donald Markowitz)
Does He Want Me (M/L: ?)
Find My Way Back Home (M/L: ?)
For The Record (M/L: Greg Edmonson; Ron Boustead)
Garbage In, Garbage Out (M/L: Brock Walsh)
Gimme A Cop Who Don't Shoot Blanks (M/L: Greg Edmonson; Ron Boustead)
(Can't Keep A) Good Man Down (M/L: ?)
He's Guilty (M/L: Randy Newman)
Heroes All (M/L: ?)
How Many Times (M/L: Donald Markowitz)
How Much I Love You (M/L: Donald Markowitz)
How To Love A Woman (M/L: Brock Walsh)
I Ache To Hear The Doggie Sing Again (M/L: ?)
I Got Somethin' For You (M/L: Greg Edmonson; Ron Boustead)
I Hate Love (M/L: ?)
I'm OK (M/L: ?)
If That Isn't Love (M/L: ?)
In These Streets (M/L: Randy Newman)
It's Gonna Be Alright (M/L: ?)
It's Not Mine (M/L: ?)
Local Color (M/L: Greg Edmonson; Stephen Geyer)
Look But Don't Touch (M/L: ?)
Love Junkie (M/L: ?)
Money Makes The Wheels Go Round (M/L: Mike Post; Brock Walsh)
More Than Enough (M/L: Kathleen Wilhoite; Jim Wilhoite)
My Dream Is But A Step Away (M/L: Donald Markowitz)
No Problem (M/L: Donald Markowitz)
Not Gonna Happen (M/L: ?)
Nothing Matters But Love (M/L: ?)
Nowhere To Go, Nothing To Do (M/L: Greg Edmonson; Ron Boustead)
Out Of Hand (M/L: ?)
Perfection (M/L: Greg Edmonson; Ron Boustead)
Piece Of Pie (M/L: ?)
Pursuit Of Happiness (M/L: Greg Edmonson; Stephen Geyer)
Quit Your Bitchin' (M/L: Donald Markowitz)
Partners (M/L: ?)
A Reasonable Doubt (M/L: Brock Walsh)
Ruskin Blues (M/L: Amanda McBroom; Donald Markowitz)
She Chose Me (M/L: Randy Newman)
Skin Like Satin (M/L: ?)
Tenderness (M/L: ?)
The Ties That Bind (M/L: Brock Walsh)
To Live And Die A Cop (M/L: ?)
United (M/L: ?)
We Got The Power (M/L: ?)
We'll Ride Again (M/L: Donald Markowitz)
What Am I Doing Here? (M/L: Brock Walsh)
What Kind Of World? (M/L: Brock Walsh)
Where Bullets Fly (M/L: ?)
Why Can't A Man Be More Like A Woman? (M/L: Donald Markowitz)
Why Lord? (M/L: Brock Walsh)
You Know You're The One (M/L: ?)
You Lied (M/L: ?)
You're My Partner (M/L: ?)
Your Number's Up (M/L: Donald Markowitz)