Composer: Peter Pinne
Lyricist: Peter Pinne; Don Battye

Opened: March 6, 1972, AMP Theatre, Adelaide, South Australia
Performances: 12

Note: An unreleased recording of "Wanting You, Wanting Me" was recorded by Shauna Jensen.

Man & Woman, Boy & Girl:

1. Australian Musicals-Now!, Australian Broadcast Commission (S) O/N 40595 (ABC Melbourne Show Band & Chorus conducted by Brian May) [also Camden CAM 173]

Unrecorded Material:

Country Boy Fugue
I Don't Want To Get Married Yet
Isn't He Nice?
Isn't She Nice
Love Stories
Ode To A Computer
One, Two, Three, Four
Our World
Pen Pushing
The Tea Lady
There'll Come A Time
Those Two Are At It Again
Wanting You, Wanting Me
Will I Like It Here?