Composer: Various
Lyricist: Various

Opened: August 16, 1909, New York Theatre, N.Y.C.
Performances: 16

Note: A complete song list is not available at this time.  The show included a one-act musical by George S. Cohan called THE FIREMAN’S PICNIC.

Bon Bon Buddy (M: Will Marion Cook; L: Alex Rogers) (not in programs; originally used in BANDANNA DAYS):

1. 78/Victor 5433 (Billy Murray with orchestra) [reissued on Phonographic Yearbook: 1908 - Take Me Out With The Crowd, CD/Archeophone 9009]
2. Swing Along: The Songs Of Will Marion Cook, CD/Albany 839/40 (William Brown with Ann Sears, piano)

Down Among The Sugar Cane (M/L: Mack; Smith) (not in programs):

1. 78/Victor 5670 (Arthur Collins and Byron G. Harlan with orchestra)
2. 78/Columbia A 5098 (Arthur Collins and Byron G. Harlan with orchestra)
3. 78/Zonophone 5504 (Arthur Collins and Byron G. Harlan with orchestral accompaniment)
4. Radio & Recording Rarities, Vol. 25, CD/Lowlights (Arthur Collins and Byron G. Harlan)

Down Where The Watermelon Grow:

1. Hear & Gone In 60 Seconds!, CD/Rounder Select (David Holt) (unverified)
2. Back Again!, CD/Euphoria Stringband (Euphoria Stringband) (unverified)

The Hat My Father Wore (On St. Patrick’s Day) (M: Jean Schwartz; L: William Jerome):

1. 78/Victor 16365 (Billy Murray with the Hayden Quartet)
2. 78/Bluebird B 11071 (Billy Murray with Harry’s Tavern Band)
3. 78/Victor 21179 (Colin O’More with orchestra)
4. McNulty Family Entertains With Irish Songs, CAS/Rego Irish Music 5002 (McNulty Family)
5. Radio & Recording Rarities, Vol. 21, CD/Lowlights (unknown performer)
6. Movie Songs … And More, CD/Delta 6312 (Gene Kelly)

Lead Me To That Beautiful Band (M/L: E. Ray Goetz; Irving Berlin) (added for the subsequent tour; also used in THE WHIRL OF SOCIETY):

1. CYL/Edison 4M-1082 (Stella Mayhew)
2. 78/Syrena-Grand 13235 (Harry Cove)
3. 78/Columbia A 1172 (Walter Van Brunt and Maurice Burkhardt with orchestral accompaniment)

(George M. Cohan's) Rag:

1. You’re A Grand Old Rag, CD/New World Records 80685-2 (Paragon Ragtime Orchestra directed by Rick Benjamin)

When You And I Were Young(, Maggie) (M: James Austin Butterfield; L: George Washington Johnson) (not in programs):

I have not attempted to compile discographical information for this song beyond original cast member performances.
1. CYL/Edison 4M-454 (Will Oakland)
2. CYL/Indestructible 3199 (Frank Coombs)
3. 78/Edison 9980 (Will Oakland)
4. 78/Victor 5682 (Will Oakland) [also 78/Victor 16666; reissued on Music From The New York Stage Vol. 2: 1908-1913, CD/Pearl GEMM CDS 9053-5]
5. Jubilee, CD/Archeophone ARCHSPWOJ 03 (Will Oakland)

Unrecorded Material:

Any Old Port In A Storm
The Brinkley Coon (M/L: George M. Cohan) (part of THE FIREMAN’S PICNIC)
The Fireman’s Picnic (M/L: George M. Cohan) (part of THE FIREMAN’S PICNIC)
Handle Me With Care, Baby (not in programs)
I’m Going Away (not in programs)
I’m Going Home
Oh, You Chocolate Kid (M/L: George M. Cohan) (part of THE FIREMAN’S PICNIC)
The Rose Of Killarney
These Are The Good Old Days (parodies of “The Rose Of Killarney,” “School Days,” and “My Wife’s Gone To The Country”)
The Wedding Bells
When The Minstrels Come To Town