Composer: Arthur Schwartz
Lyricist: Greatrex Newman

Opened: April 4, 1930, Hippodrome Theatre, London
Performances: Unknown

The Channel Swimmer (M: R.P. Weston; Bert Lee; L: Marriott Edgar) (added for the subsequent tour):

1. Hello, Playmates!, CD/ASV/Living Era CDAJA 5444 (Arthur Askey)

Crying For The Carolines (M: Harry Warren; L: Sam M. Lewis; Joe Young) (added for the subsequent tour; originally written for the film version of SPRING IS HERE):

1. 78/Columbia 2062 D (Carmen Lombardo with Guy Lombardo and His Royal Canadians) [reissued on The Best Of Guy Lombardo: The Early Years, CD/Collectors' Choice Music 299]
2. 78/Columbia 2073 D (Ruth Etting with novelty accompaniment) [also 78/Columbia DB 83; reissued on Love Me Or Leave Me, CD/Pearl 7061]
3. 78/Jazz Unlimited 11 (James P. Johnson) [reissued on The Chronological James P. Johnson 1928-1938, CD/Classics 671]
4. 78/Q.R.S. Q 1009 (Dale Wimbrow with orchestra)
5. 78/Perfect 15265 (Rodman Lewis with the Clicquot Club Eskimos) [also 78/Imperial 2279; 78/Conqueror 7472]
6. 78/Diva 3083 G (Irving Kaufman with Sam Lanin and His Orchestra) [also 78/Velvet Tone 2083 V; 78/Harmony 1083 H]
7. 78/Diva 3103 G (Sid Garry)
8. 78/Perfect 12590 (Chick Bullock with orchestra)
9. 78/Banner 0565 (Irving Kaufman with Lou Gold and His Orchestra) [also 78/Regal 8926]
10. 78/Brunswick 4665 (Ben Bernie and His Orchestra)
11. 78/Brunswick 4712 (Jimmy Johnson, piano)
12. 78/Oriole 1820 (Ralph Haines with the Clicquot Club Eskimos) [also 78/Romeo 1181]
13. 78/Parlophone 80.046 (Arthur Schutt and His Orchestra with vocal refrain)
14. 78/Victor 22272 (Will Morgan and Chorus with Waring's Pennsylvanians) [reissued on The Broadway Years, Vol. 2, CD/The Old Masters 129]
15. 78/Victor 22302 (Johnny Marvin with orchestra) [also 78/Gramophone B 3417]
16. 78/Victor 22320 (Jesse Crawford, Wurlitzer organ)
17. 78/Madison 50038 (Atlanta Syncopators)
18. 78/Hit of the Week 1027 (Ben Pollock's Orchestra) [reissued on Vol. 4, 1929-1930, CD/Jazz Oracle 8026]
19. 78/Parlophone PNY 34052 (Dunham and King with piano and guitar)
20. Once In A Blue Moon, Monument (M) MLP 8036 (Johnny Janis with orchestra conducted by Dick Marx)
21. Around The World, CAS/Sound Waves SOW 115 (David Lobban)
22. His Decca-Dents, Dance Orchestra & His Three Blind Mice: 1930 Vols. 1 & 2, CD/Harmonia Mundi 02 (Spike Hughes)
23. The Writing On The Wall, CD/Upbeat Jazz Records URCD 220 (The Temperance Seven)
24. Voodoon Queen, CD/Mastersound 220 (Matthew Davidson, piano)
25. Special Centenary Celebration 1998, CD/Castle Music PDSCD 553 (Gracie Fields)
26. The Best Of Chris Barber's Jazz Band, CD/EMI 540181 (Chris Barber's Jazz Band)
27. Turn On The Heat, CD/Avid 001 (The Charleston Chasers)
28. Wakey! Wakey!, CD/ASV/Living Era CDAJA 5557 (Billy Cotton and His Band)
29. Bob Kerr And His Whoopee Band, CD/Classic Rock Legends CRP 2307 (Bob Kerr's Whoopee Band)
30. Piano Party, CD/Sanctuary PBXCD 327 (Joe Henderson, Winifred Atwell, and/or Russ Conway)
31. Keyboard Wizards Of The Gershwin Era, Vol. 7: Raie Da Costa, CD/Pearl 9207 (Raie Da Costa)
32. Lost Tracks: 1929-1959, CD/JSP Records JSPCD 965 (Judy Garland)
33. A Southern Memoir, CD/Collectors' Choice Music 2160 (Bing Crosby)
34. The Chronological Jimmie Noone 1929-1930, CD/Classics 632 (Jimmie Noone's Apex Club Orchestra)
35. Just One More Chance: Vol. 4-The HMV Years, Part 2: 1930-1932, CD/Dutton Vocalion CDEA 6031 (Bert Ambrose and His Orchestra)
36. Soundies Digital, Vol. 26, CD/Soundies (unknown performer)
37. Jazz Lips, CD/Lake LACD 119 (Mike Durham)
38. Some Assembly Required, CD/Viridiana Prod. (Scott Kirby)
Radio transcriptions performed by the Milt Merth Trio and by Bob Grabeau with the Jan Garber Orchestra are also known to exist.

The Moment I Saw You (L: Howard Dietz; Greatrex Newman) (subsequently used in THREE'S A CROWD without credit to Newman):

1. 78/Columbia CB59 (Sam Browne with Ray Starita and His Ambassador Band)
2. Alone Together, Monmouth (S) 6604/5 (Neal Kenyon with music direction by Paul Trueblood)
3. You Belong To Me, CD/Memoir CDMOIR 577 (Jo Stafford and Teddy Johnson with Norrie Paramor and His Orchestra)

Schultz Is Back Again (M/L: Pease; Nelson; Bernie) (added for the subsequent tour):

1. 78/Harmony 333 H (Gus Guderian with Frank Cornwell and His Orchestra)
2. 78/Victor 20465 (Four Aristocrats)

Sunday Afternoon:

1. 78/Columbia CB59 (Sam Browne with Ray Starita and His Ambassador Band)

The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise (M/L: Eugene Lockhart; Ernest Seitz):

I have not attempted to compile discolographical information for this standard.

Unrecorded Material:

Adam And Eve
A Bit Of Old Chelsea
Charade (added for the subsequent tour)
Cherro Pierrot (added for the subsequent tour)
The Clean Up (added for the subsequent tour)
Dance Your Troubles Away (added for the subsequent tour)
Dancing Town (L: Howard Dietz; Greatrex Newman)
Detachable Dramas
The Divorce Of The Painted Doll (sketch?)
Early One Morning (M/L: Wilfred Saunderson)
The Family Album
The Feminine Maskelynes
A Game Of Draughts
Good Scouts (added for the subsequent tour)
Great Stuff This Education (sketch? by Stanley Holloway and Davy Burnaby) (added for the subsequent tour)
The Guard Of The Channel Tunnel (M: Wolseley Charles)
I’m Satisfied (M: Norman Hackforth; L: Desmond Carter) (added for the subsequent tour)
Jack And Jill A L’Americaine (L: Howard Dietz; Greatrex Newman)
The Lost Child (M: Wolseley Charles)
Love Lies Bleeding (M: Wolseley Charles)
Maybe It’s You (added for the subsequent tour)
The Moment That Jack Built
The Movement For A Cleaner Stage
My Turkish Delight (added for the subsequent tour)
Nothing Up Our Sleeve (L: Greatrex Newman)
The Old Guard (added for the subsequent tour)
Operatic House-Hunting
The Road To Fairyland (added for the subsequent tour)
Sky Lady (added for the subsequent tour)
Spring Punions (M: Melville Gideon; L: Clifford Seyler) (added for the subsequent tour)
Steeplejack (L: Greatrex Newman)
The Stuff To Give The Troops (aka “The Troup To Give The Stuff”) (L: Greatrex Newman)