THE CO-OPTIMISTS (1924) (8th Programme)

Composer: Melville Gideon
Lyricist: Various

Opened: September 2, 1924, Palace Theatre, London
Performances: Unknown

Britain For The British (M/L: R.P. Weston; Bert Lee):

1. 78/Velvet Face 1134 (Gilbert Childs)

(Come To The) Cookhouse Door (M: Wolseley Charles; L: Greatrex Newman):

1. 78/Velvet Face 1135 (Stanley Holloway)
2. Come ‘N Get It/Songs You Won’t Easily Forget, CD/Vocalion 4232 (Cyril Stapleton and His Orchestra)

(The Girl In The) Crinoline Gown (L: Clifford Seyler):

1. 78/Columbia 3509 (Melville Gideon with violin, cello, and piano accompaniment) [reissued on The Co-Optimists, World SHB25]
2. 78/HMV C-2441 (Melville Gideon with orchestra conducted by Ray Noble)

I Thowt (Mebbe I Would, And I Did) (L: Ernest Melvin):

1. 78/Decca 1875 (Stanley Holloway with pianoforte accompaniment) [reissued on At His Very Best, CD/Castle Pulse PDSCD 584]

I Want Somebody (L: Clifford Grey):

1. 78/Columbia 3508 (Melville Gideon)

Iceland (L: Clifford Seyler):

1. 78/Columbia 3508 (Melville Gideon)

Leave A Lot Of Time For Love (L: Clifford Seyler):

1. 78/Columbia 3479 (Melville Gideon)
2. 78/Columbia 3509 (Melville Gideon)

Unrecorded Material:

Bright Young People (L: Davy Burnaby; Austin Melford)
Cursory Rhymes (sketch? by Greatrex Newman)
The Long And The Short Of It (L: Reg Powell)
Missing The ‘Bus (L: Greatrex Newman)
Oh Where And Oh Where?
Operatic Motoring (sketch)
Puggie (L: A.E. Illingworth)
Rainy Days (L: Clifford Seyler)
A Song Of The Sea (M: Charles Wolseley; L: Greatrex Newman)
Sports (L: Austin Melford)
We All Love A Piano
You Do As I Do (L: James Heard)