Composer: Melville Gideon
Lyricist: Greatrex Newman

Opened: c. February 15, 1932, Liverpool Empire Theatre, Liverpool, England
Performances: Unknown

Amapu (L: Knoblock):

1. 78/Zonophone 2247 (Melville Gideon, piano and voice)
2. 78/Zonophone 2297 (Melville Gideon, piano and voice) [reissued on The Co-Optimists, World SHB 25]

Olga Petrovotski:

1. 78/HMV B1553 (Betty Chester, Laddie Cliff, Stanley Holloway, Elsa Macfarlane, and Phyllis Monkman with Melville Gideon and H.B. Hedley, pianos)
2. Round The Town: Following Grandfather’s Footsteps - A Night At The London Music Hall, CD/Bear Family Records 16021 (Laurie Jay) (unverified)


1. 78/Zonophone 2367 (Melville Gideon)

This Is The Missus (M: Ray Henderson; L: Lew Brown) (originally used in GEORGE WHITE'S SCANDALS (1931)):

1. 78/Columbia 2515 D (Ben Selvin and His Orchestra with vocal refrain)
2. 78/Velvet Tone 2442-V (Jack Whitney & His Orchestra) [also 78/Harmony 1365]
3. 78/Romeo 1706 (Paul Small with Vic Irwin and His Orchestra) [also 78/Royal 391199]
4. 78/Brunswick 1223 (Ben Bernie, vocal, with Ben Bernie and His Orchestra) [also 78/Brunswick 6165]
5. 78/Victor 22783 (Rudy Vallee, vocal, with Rudy Vallee and His Connecticut Yankees) [reissued on The Music Of Broadway: 1930-1936, CD/Box Office ENBO-CD2 #9/94; The Best Of Broadway - The Revues, CD/Flapper PAST CD 7813]
6. 78/Brunswick 85001 (The Boswell Sisters) [reissued on It's The Girls!, CD/ ASV/Living Era CDAJA 5014]
7. 78/Crown 3181 (Charlie Lawman with Adrian Schubert and His Orchestra)
8. 78/Perfect 15540 (San Lanin Orchestra)
9. The Broadway Song Book, Coral (M) CX-4 (Dick Jacobs and his Orchestra)
10. Just Imagine: The Music Of DeSylva, Brown & Henderson, CD/Stomp Off CD 1285 (Keith Ingham & Marty Grosz and Their Hot Cosmopolites)

Unrecorded Material:

An Arabian Treasure Hunt
Brush The Cobwebs
Choosing The Co-Optimists
Come To The Show
An Educational Drama
Family Bridge
The Idle Rich
An Invitation Into The Garden
A Little Operatic Motoring
My Gal’s Face
My Party Dress
One, Two, Three, Four
A Restaurant Romance
A Song Of The Sea (M: Wolseley Charles)
Xmas Eve