Composer: Various
Lyricist: Various

Opened: March 5, 1959, Victoria Palace Theatre, London
Performances: Unknown

Cruisin' Down The River (M/L: Eily Beadell; Neil Tollerton) (originally used in TOGETHER AGAIN and subsequently used in HAPPY AS A SANDBAG):

1. 78/M-G-M 10346 (Blue Baron and His Orchestra) [also 45/MGM K10346; 45/MGM GC-119X; reissued on An Hour Of Golden Memories, CD/V & H Holdings]
2. 78/Decca 24568 (Russ Morgan with Music In The Morgan Manner) [also 45/Decca 9-24568; reissued on The Best Of Russ Morgan, CD/MCA MCAD-4036]
3. 78/Hi-Tone 104 (The Riddlers with The Hi-Tonians)
4. 78/Varsity 130 (Varsity Orchestra with chorus) [also 78/Varsity 1077]
5. 78/Capitol 15372 (Jack Smith and The Clark Sisters with Frank DeVol and His Orchestra) [reissued on Jack Smith Sings Jack, Jack, Jack, CD/Sepia Records 1074]
6. 78/Victor 20-3349 (The Three Suns with The Boys) [also found on Fun In The Sun, RCA Victor (S) LSP-2437]
7. 78/Columbia 38411 (Marjorie Hughes and The Sunrise Serenders with Frankie Carle and His Orchestra) [also 45/Columbia 1-135; reissued on 1949: A Time To Remember The Classic Years, CD/ he CD Card Company CD537]
8. 78/Double Feature DF 2010 (Lettie Barbour and Chorus with Lee Monti's Tu-Tones)
9. 78/Spotlite 505 (The Paulette Sisters with The Spotlite Orchestra)
10. 45/Dot 45-16222 (Lawrence Welk and His Orchestra) [reissued on 22 All Time Favorite Waltzes, CD/Vanguard 7028]
11. Happy As A Sandbag, Decca (S) SKL5217 (cast with orchestra directed by Nigel Hess)
12. Sternwheeler Steamboat, Sandcastle CSCR1029 (The Dukes Of Dixieland)
13. Arousing Ragtime, Unknown label (Del Wood, piano)
14. Wow!, Warner Bros. W-1508) (Kirby Stone Four)
15. Elvira And Cordelia, CAS/Carrousel Music A48-1 (Robert J. Yates)
16. The Exotic Guitars, CAS/Ranwood Records 8002 (The Exotic Guitars)
17. Cruisin' Down The River, CAS/Unknown label (Michael Charles Vreeland)
18. Waltz Time, CAS/Ranwood Records 8137 (Magic Organ)
19. Music From The Singing Detective And More, CD/Golden Stars 5349 (Praeger)
20. Let's Dance The Waltz, CD/BCD 102701 (Graham Dalby)
21. You, You, You (& You), CD/ASV/Living Era 5654 (The Ames Brothers with Roy Ross and His Orchestra)
22. Drifting And Dreaming/Dancing Room Only, CD/Dutton Vocalion 4295 (Guy Lombardo & His Royal Canadians)
23. Cruising Down The River, CD/Dutton Vocalion 6000 (Lou Praeger)
24. Sing Something Simple, CD/Hallmark 709202 (Cliff Adams)
25. Piano Favourites, CD/EMI 019 (Mrs. Mills)
26. One Night In Napoli, CD/ASV/Living Era 5539 (Primo Scala)
27. Time For Accordion, CD/Rex 305 (Accordion Serenaders)
28. Old Time Party Sing-A-Long, CD/Music Factory (Oldtimers)
29. On The Radio 1949-1950, CD/Acrobat 21350232 (Eileen Wilson and Frank Sinatra)
30. Circus Days, Vol. 2, CD/Gold (Paul Eakins' Circus Calliope)
31. Hammond: The Golden Age Of The Hammond Organ 1944-1956, CD/Bygone Days 77028 (Hammond Organ)
32. The Best Of The Wonderful Belgian Band Organ, Vol. 4, CD/Gold 20 (unknown performer)
33. Of Time And Rivers Flowing, CD/Skookum Records 1002 (Mason Williams)
34. My Thanks To You, CD/Pendulum 19 (Connie Francis)
35. Evening In London/Love Letters In The Sand, CD Dutton Vocalion 4279 (Frank Chacksfield and His Orchestra)
36. Stan Wolowic And The Polka Chips Play The Million Seller Polkas & The Greatest Band In Polka Land, CD/Capitol C2-92092 (Stan Wolowic and The Polka Chips)
37. The Memory Land Organ Plays 1001 All-Time Favorites, CD/Reader's Digest Music 089 (Memory Lane Organ)
38. 22 All Time Organ Favorites, CD/Forevermore 5004 (Brian Swanson)
39. Strumming 'Round The Rockies, CD/Rocky Mountain Banjos (Rocky Mountain Banjos)
40. Come To Broadway/Put The Blame On Mame, CD/Collectables 7406 (Somethin' Smith & The Redheads)
41. Dick Haymes In Hollywood, CD/Jasmine Records 124 (Dick Haymes)
42. English Pub Sing-A-Long, CD/Madacy 2345 (unknown performer)
43. Fair Organ Favorites, Vol. 1, CD/Gold 20 (The Darling Madam Laura)
A radio transcription performed by Francine Lane with the Vincent Lopez Orchestra is also known to exist.

F.D.R. Jones (M/L: Harold Rome) (originally used in SING OUT THE NEWS; also used in THE LITTLE DOG LAUGHED and TO BROADWAY WITH LOVE):

1. 78/Decca F7297 (Bud Flanagan & Chesney Allen with Jay Wilbur and His Orchestra) [reissued on Lambeth Walk: Songs From The London War Time Shows, CD/Spectrum 544 319-2]
2. 78/Victor 26038 (Hal Kemp and his Swing-a-roosters with Hal Kemp and His Orchestra) [reissued on The Music Of Broadway: 1938, JJA (M) 1988-1]
3. 78/Decca 2105 (Ella Fitzgerald with Chick Webb and his Orchestra) [78/Brunswick 02818; reissued on The Early Years, Pt. 1, CD/Verve 618]
4. 78/Decca 4072 (Judy Garland with Orchestra directed by David Rose) [reissued on The Complete Decca Masters, CD/MCA 11059]
5. 78/Bluebird B 10092 (Jayne Dover with Van Alexander and his Orchestra)
6. 78/Odeon 283.379 (Charlie Kunz, piano, with rhythm accompaniment)
7. 78/Vocalion v 4498 (Cab Calloway with Orchestra conducted by Cab Calloway) [reissued on The Best Of The Big Bands: Cab Calloway, CD/Columbia/Legacy 45336]
8. 78/HMV C3114 (orchestra conducted by Clifford Greenwood)
9. 78/Decca F7185 (Sam Browne and Chorus with Lew Stone and His Band)
10. A Touch Of Rome, 10"/Heritage LP-H-0053 (Harold Rome piano and voice) [reissued on CD/DRG 5249]
11. And Then I Wrote, Coral (M) CRL 57082 (Harold Rome, piano and voice)
12. To Broadway With Love, Columbia (S) OS 2630 (Rod Perry and vocal ensemble with orchestra conducted by Franz Allers) [reissued on CD/DRG 19122]
13. Where Did The Night Go, RCA Camden (M) CAL 738 (The Living Strings conducted by Johnny Douglas )[reissued as CD/Dulcima DLCD 121]
14. The Carroll Gibbons Story, World Records SH-167/8 (George Melachrino with Carroll Gibbons, piano, and the Savoy Hotel Orpheans) [reissued on Carroll Gibbons Calls The Tunes, CD/Castle Pulse 591]
15. Big Hearted Arthur, CD/Castle Pulse 734 (Arthur Askey)
16. Swing Tanzen Verboten!, CD/Proper 1322 (Charlie And His Orchestra)
17. The History of Pop Radio, Vol. 5: 1937-1938, CD/OSA 205519 (Ella Fitzgerald)
18. Judy Garland On Radio 1936-1944, Vol. 1: All the Things You Are, CD/Jazz Classics 5006]
19. Judy Garland in Hollywood: Her Greatest Movie Hits, CD/Rhino 75292 (Judy Garland)
20. The Complete Early Transcriptions Of The King Cole Trio: 1938-1941, CD/Vintage Jazz Classics 1026 (The King Cole Trio)
21. Treffpunkt Tanzmusik, CD/TMK 007977 (Erwin Lehn)
22. You Leave Me Breathless, CD/Buddah 99602 (Glenn Miller & His Orchestra)
23. Down South Camp Meetin': Broadcast Archives, Vol. 1, CD/Avid 682 (Glenn Miller & His Orchestra)
24. Live at the Carnegie Hall 6 October 1938, CD/Jazz Band 2013 (Benny Goodman & Glenn Miller)
25. Be Happy: Glenn Miller & His Orchestra Live 1940, CD/Magic 95 (Glenn Miller & His Orchestra)
26. Chronological, Vol. 6: 1935-1939, CD/Storyville 3015 (The Mills Brothers)
27. London Sessions 1934-1939, CD/Fabulous 252 (The Mills Brothers)
28. Songs of Wartime, CD/Empress 825 (Harry Roy & His Orchestra)
29. Swing, Teddy, Swing!, CD/Bob's 0000006 (Teddy Stauffer)
30. Travelin' Light: Cookin' with Frank & Sam, CD/Concord 4647 (Frank Vignola and Sam Pilafian)
31. Swingin' Strings, CD/Riff Raff no number (Riff Raff)
32. Underneath The Arches, CD/That's Entertainment Records CDTER 1015 (Company with orchestra conduced by Clive Chaplin)
33. As Time Goes By, CD/Pegasus 0000321 (unknown)
34. Hits of the Blitz, CD/Pavilion 9754 (unknown)
35. Songs from the Shows, CD/Empress 8002 (unknown)
Radio transcriptions performed by The Master Singers, Ray Bloch's Swing Fourteen, Kay Thomson with the Rhythm Singers and Orchestra, and Basil Fromeen Orchestra are also known to exist.

The Fleet's In Port (M/L: Noel Gay) (originally used in O-KAY FOR SOUND):

1. 78/HMV BD5102 (Pat O'Malley with Jack Hylton and His Orchestra) [reissued on Jack Hylton & His Orchestra Vol. 6: Boomps-A-Daisy, CD/Vocalion Dance Bands 6128]
2. One Man's Music, EMI Odeon (S) SCX 6299 (The Mike Sammes Singers with Brian Fahey and His Orchestra)
3. The Hits Of Noel Gay, Music For Pleasure (M) MFP 1236 (Alan Breeze with Billy Cotton & His Band) [reissued on The Songs Of Noel Gay, CD/Flapper PAST CD 7035]
4. Me And My Girl: The Song Is… Noel Gay, CD/ASV CD AJA 5081 (Billy Scott-Coomber with Jack Payne and His Band)
5. The Sing Something Simple Collection: Sing It With Music, CD/BBC Music 8 (The Cliff Adams Singers)

Home Is Where Your Heart Is (M/L: Ross Parker):

1. 45/Columbia 45-DB4265 (Flanagan and Allen with the Rita Williams Singers and orchestra conducted by Tony Osbourne) [reissued on The Best Of Flanagan & Allen, EMI/One Up ONCR513]

Love Makes The World Go Round (M/L: Ollie Jones):

1. 45/Capitol F3997 (Tennessee Ernie Ford with Cliffie Stone's Music) [reissued on Bless Your Pea Pickin' Heart!, Pickwick 6047]
2. 45/Victor 47-7353 (Perry Como and The Ray Charles Singers with Mitchell Ayres' Orchestra) [reissued on My Greatest Songs, CD/RCA 07252] 45/EMI 5262 (Jets)

Robin Hood (M/L: Carl Sigman):

1. 45/Capitol F3287 (Nelson Riddle and His Orchestra)
2. 45/Victor 47-6308 (Joe Reisman's Orchestra and Chorus)
3. 45/MGM K12120 (The Naturals with orchestra conducted by Joe Lipman)
4. 1956 British Hit Parade Part 1 January-July, CD/Acrobat 7002 (Dick James)

Strollin' (M/L: Ralph Reader) (subsequently used in UNDERNEATH THE ARCHES):

1. 45/Columbia 45-DB4265 (Flanagan and Allen with the Rita Williams Singers and orchestra conducted by Tony Osbourne) [reissued on The Best Of Flanagan & Allen, EMI/One Up ONCR513]
2. 45/Pye 7N 17427 (Max Bygraves) [reissued on Max Bygraves, Hallmark (SE) HMA 206]
3. Tribute To Flanagan & Allen, Avenue (S) AVE 070 (Val Merrall's Orchestra & Singers)
4. Underneath The Arches, CD/CDTER 1015 (Roy Hudd, Christopher Timothy, The Crazy Gang, and Company with orchestra conduced by Clive Chaplin)
5. The Ultimate Pub Sing-A-Long, CD/Music Club International 248 (unknown performer)

There's Something About A Soldier (M/L: Noel Gay) (originally used in SOLDIERS OF THE KING):

1. 78/Gramophone B 4418 (Cicely Courtneidge with orchestra) [also 78/Victor 24513; reissued on Me And My Girl: The Song Is… Noel Gay, CD/ASV CD AJA 5081]
2. 78/Gramophone B 6325 (Ray Noble and His Orchestra)
3. 78/Decca 3286 The Cavalier Quartette with Louis Katzman's Orchestra)
4. 78/Columbia 2911 D (The Bucaneers with piano accompaniment)
5. One Man's Music, EMI Odeon (S) SCX 6299 (The Mike Sammes Singers with Brian Fahey and his Orchestra)
6. The Songs Of Noel Gay, CD/Flapper PAST CD 7035 (George Baker with Jack Hylton and His Orchestra)
7. Tipping The Velvet: 24 Historic Music Hall Recordings, CD/CD41 41005 (unknown performer)
8. Military Band Favorites, CD/Gold Label/Madacy 4929 (unknown performer)
9. Essential Brass Bands, CD/Soho Latino 051 (Regency Noble Footwear Band) 10. Radio Times, CD/Polydor 517 474-2 (Kathryn Evans, Harriet Benson, and The Grosvenors with musical direction by Robert Scott)

Wait Till Paris Sees Us (M/L: Doris Pony Sherrell and Phil Moody) (originally used in the film SO THIS IS PARIS):

1. So This Is Paris, Decca L 5553 (Tony Curtis and Gene Nelson with the Universal-International Orchestra and Chorus conducted by Joseph Gershenson)

When The Guards Are On Parade (M/L: Leslie Sarony; Horatio Nicholls) (originally used in LIFE BEGINS AT OXFORD CIRCUS):

1. 78/Gramophone B 6015 (Jack Hylton and His Orchestra with vocal refrain)

Unrecorded Material:

Clown Jewels (M/L: Ross Parker)
Disappointed Debs (M/L: Greatrex Newman)
Gotta Getta Hat (M/L: Russ Parker)
In The Shadow Of Eros (M/L: ?) (originally used in LONDON RHAPSODY)
The Jungle Law (M/L: Irwin and Hugh Charles)
L.C.C. Shorthanded (M/L: ?) (originally used in ROUND ABOUT REGENT STREET)
Keep Us Looking Beautiful (M/L: Irwin, Philip, and Hugh Charles)
Six Broken Blossoms (M/L: R.P. Weston; Bert Lee)
A Soldier's Done The Dirty On Our Army (M/L: Ralph Reader)
Travelling Light (M/L: ?) (originally used in JOKERS WILD)