Composer: Julian Stein
Lyricist: Lester Judson

Opened: May 19, 1959, Orpheum Theatre, N.Y.C.
Performances: 6

Tallahassee Lassie (M/L: Bob Crewe; Frederick A. Piscariello; Frenk C. Slay):

1. 45/Swan S4031 (Freddy Cannon) [reissued on The Best Of Freddy Cannon, CD/Collectables 7535 (with a second rendition)]
2. 45/Full Bucket 10-11 (Incognito)
3. Sun Sounds Special, Charly Records 30151 (Billy Lee Riley)
4. Extra, Teldec 625539 (Shakin' Stevens and The Sunsets) [reissued on Rockin' '& Shakin', CD/Raucous/Cherry Red 113]
5. Return To Macon County, United Artists Records 491 (unknown performer)
6. Don't Ha Ha, Bellaphon Records 10003007 (Casey Jones and The Governors) [reissued as CD/Repertoire Records 4674]
7. The Decca Years, CD/Decca 4664092 (Tommy Steele)
8. Hep Stars On Stage, CD/Megar 4751862 (Hep Stars)
9. Rock 'N' Roll Fever, CD/Raucous 202 (Jay Chance and The Chancellors)
10. Howlin' At The Halloween Moon, CD/Restless Records 72317 (The Del Lords)
11. Sing Along With Los Straitjackets, CD/Yep Roc 2028 (Los Straitjackets)
12. Mud Rock/Mud Rock, Vol. 2, CD/ Beat Goes On 415 (Mud)
13. And We Fall, CD/Disconnected Records 003 (Niblick Henbane)
14. Rockin' And Stompin', CD/Collector/White Label 4479 (Skeets Price)
15. Rock 'N' Roll Music, CD/BMG/Amiga (Puhdys)
16. Live Im Friedrichstadtpalast, CD/Unionton (Puhdys)
17. Peter Reese And The Pages, CD/Bear Family 16453 (Peter Reese and The Pages)
18. Complete Cadillac, CD/WEA (The Renegades)
19. Rutto Ja Romu/Lekaa Otsaan, CD/WEA (Ernos)
20. Jetblack, CD/TKO Magnum 31022 (Jetblack)
21. Gift Of Knowledge, CD/TKO Magnum 31022 (The Ne'er Do Wells with Judy & The Loadies)
22. Early Rock & Roll From New Zealand, Vol. 3-4, CD/Collector/White Label 7754 (Bobby Davis & The Dazzlers)
23. Early Rock from New Zealand, Vol. 11-12, CD/Collector/White Label 7758 (Lew Pryme and The Rocketeers)
24. We Are Teddyboys, CD/Revel Yell 29 (Rawhide)
25. Hot Mess, CD/Rockin' Stan 19140 (The Wrecked Chords)
26. Karaoke Classics, Vol. 31, CD/Sound Choice Distribution 7531 (karaoke)
27. The's, CD/Phantom Records BOMBC19 (The's)
28. Stand Up And Surf, CD/Spinout Records 036 (99ers)
29. Cagey Strings Live, CD/ Funny Arti. (Cagey Strings)
30. Dynamite Music Machine, CD/Slow River 28 (Charlie Chesterman)
31. The Buzz Clic Adventure, CD/Smog Veil Records 53 (Buzz Clic)
32. Back To The Hop: The Swan Recordings 1960-1962, CD/Rollercoaster Records 3005 (Danny & The Juniors)
33. Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac Live At The BBC, CD/Griffin 521 (Fleetwood Mac)
34. Punkville, CD/Canetoad 024 (Russ Kruger)
35. Sneakers And Rockfield Sessions, CD/BMG COLLECT12 (The Flamin' Groovies)
36. Scandia Years 1977-1984, CD/Warner Music 2262 (Hurriganes)
37. Live In Stockholm, CD/WEA (Hurriganes)
38. Surf City/Folk 'N Roll, CD/One Way Records 18685 (Jan & Dean)

Unrecorded Material:

The Angry Young Man
Basic (M: Murray Grand; L: Lester Judson; Robin Miller) (cut)
Charity (M: Murray Grand; L: Lester Judson; Robin Miller)
The East Side Story
Flattery (M: Edward C. Redding)
The Goal In My Life (M: Murray Grand)
The Happy Years (M: Raymond Taylor)
Julie Is Mine (M: Raymond Taylor)
Later (M: Dorothea Frietag)
A Man Up My Sleeve (M: Lester Judson)
Mediocrity (M: Murray Grand)
The Moscow Blues (M: Murray Grand) (cut)
The Mouse (M/L: Edward C. Redding; L: Lester Judson)
A Summer Romance (M/L: Raymond Taylor; L: Lester Judson)
Talk To Me
Teenage Love (M: Murray Grand) (cut)
There's No Room For People Any More
The Thief (dance) (M: Perry N. Lopez)
We're Dying To Die (cut)