Composer: Compiled and arranged by Gleb Yellin
Lyricist: Irving Florman

Opened: August 12, 1943, Royale Theatre, N.Y.C.
Performances: 12

The Nightingale (M: Alexander Alabieff-Liszt):

1. 78/Gramophone V.B. 10 (Olimpia Boronat with orchestra) [reissued on The Complete Olimpia Boronat, CD/Marston 51001]
2. 45/Capitol 64-80020 (Erna Sack with the German Opera House Orchestra conducted by Rolf Schroder)
3. Red Berry Blossom, CD/Hugo 794 (Osipov Balalaika Orchestra)
4. Adagio: Between Heaven And Earth, CD/Nightingale 190216 (Edita Gruberova)
5. Air, CD/Kreuzberg 10040 (Virginia Alba)
6. The Victor Recordings (1925-28), CD/Romophone 81020 (Amelita Galli-Curci)
7. Do Not Leave Me: Romance & Songs, CD/Northern Flowers 9948 (Mila Shkirtil)
8. The Anniversary Concert, CD/Nightingale 90560 (Edita Gruberova)
9. Her Early Years: 1923-1948, CD/Fono Enterprise 1043 (Maria Callas)
10. In The Kingdom Of Roses And Wine, CD/Sonora 22578 (Maria Zelenina)
11. Le Miracle D'Une Voix, CD/Virgin 377961 (Natalie Dessay)
12. Le Rossignol, CD/Real Sound (RS) 108 (Anna Smiech)
13. Lebendige Vergangenheit: Antonia Nezhdanova, CD/Preiser Records 89704 (Antonia Nezhdanova)
14. Lebendige Vergangenheit: Maria Cebotari, CD/Preiser Records 89161 (Maria Cebotari)
15. Lily Pons Coloratura Assoluta, CD/Sony Music 60655 (Lily Pons)
16. The Victor Recordings (1904-08), CD/Romophone 81026 (Marcella Sembrich)
17. Königlische Säsische Hofopernsängerin, CD/Symposium (Margarethe Siems)
18. Miliza Korjus, CD/Pearl 9186 (Miliza Korjus)
19. Mozart, Bishop, Roussel And Others, CD/BIS 45 (Dorothy Dorow)
20. Mozart, Milhaud, Gliere And Others, CD/ MCA Records 25966 (unknown performer)
21. Nezhdanova In Opera & Song, CD/ Nimbus 7877 (Antonina Nezhdanova)
22. Rampal's Greatest Hits, Vol.1, CD/Sony Music 34561 (Jean-Pierre Rampal)
23. Songs Of The Nightingale, CD/Centaur Records 2232 (Karen Smith Emerson)
24. The Art Of Coloratura, CD/ dB Productions 50 (Dilber)
25. Trans-Siberian Express, CD/London 425214 (I Salonisti)
26. Waltzes And Arias, CD/ Deutsche Grammophon 457729 (Rita Streich)
27. Great Voices Of The 50's, Vol. III, CD/London 448152 (unknown performer)
28. Four Famous Sopranos Of The Past, CD/Preiser Records 89956 (unknown performer)

The Parade Of The Wooden Soldiers (M: Leon Jessel) (originally used in CHAUVRE SOURIS (1922)):

I have not attempted to compile discological information for this standard.

Song Of The Fields (aka "Song Of The Plains" portion of "Polyushko Polye") (M: Lev Knipper):

1. 78/Columbia 36265 (Choir of the Red Army of the U.S.S.R directed by A.V. Alexandroff) [also 78/Keynote k 208; 78/Columbia 4204 M]
2. Alexandrov Ensemble in London, CD/Mezhdunarodnaya-Kniga (A.V. Alexandrov Ensemble)
3. The Political Years, CD/Collector's Edition 16 (Paul Robeson)
4. 20 Gramophone All Time Greats-Vol.4, CD/ASV/Living Era 5209 (unknown performer)
5. Alexandrovci: The Alexandrov Song & Dance Ensemble in Prague, CD/Supraphon 5471 (Red Army Band)
6. Choeurs de l'Armée Rouge Intégrale, CD/FGL Productions 5780822 (Russian Art Choir)
7. Cossacks!, CD/Vox 8728 (unknown performer)
8. From Russia With Love, CD/Piet Roelen 22036 (Helmut Lotti)
9. Kalinka! Russian Folk Music, CD/Teldec 77307 (Red Star Army Chorus)
10. Lebendige Vergangenheit: Alexander Kipnis IV, CD/Preiser Records 89166 (Alexander Kipnis)
11. Live In Paris, CD/Silva America 6038 (Red Army Choir)
12. Moonlight Over Moscow, CD/BMG 32043 (unknown performer)
13. Nostalgic Russian Tzigane, CD/ EMI Kent [8401132 (Esin Engin)
14. Red Army Chorus Salutes America, CD/Analekta 8803 (Red Army Chorus)
15. Red Army Ensemble, CD/EMI Classics 3920312 (Red Army Ensemble)
16. Russia!, CD/Centaur Records 2230 (The Paul Hill Chorale with The Washington Balalaika Society)
17. Russia!, CD/Decca 452492 (London Festival Chorus and Orchestra conducted by Stanley Black)
18. Russian Favourites, CD/Naxos 553154 (Red Army Choir)
19. Russian Melodies, CD/Lovecat Music 1846 (National Tatarstan Orchestra)
20. Russian Romance, CD/Naxos 555331 (Takako Nishizaki with the Queensland Symphony Orchestra)
21. Songs Of Free Men, CD Sony Music 63223 (Paul Robeson)
22. Songs Of The Volga Boatmen, CD/Dorian 93212 (Slavyanka Men's Russian Chorus conducted by Gregory Smirnov)
23. Soviet Army Chorus & Band, CD/EMI 47833 (Soviet Army Chorus & Band)
24. Soviet Army Chorus & Band, CD/Monitor Classics 61500 (Soviet Army Chorus & Band)
25. The Best Of The Red Army Choir: The Definitive Collection, CD/Silva America 6034 (Red Army Choir)
26. The Red Army Chorus: The Best Of The Original Ensemble, CD/Analekta 28800 (Red Army Chorus)

Song Of The Flea (M: Modest Moussorgsky):

1. 78/Gramophone D.B. 23105 (Boris Christoff with the Philharmonia Orchestra conducted by Issay Dobrowen) [reissued on Lebendige Vergangenheit: Boris Christoff, Vol. 4, CD/Preiser Records 89734]
2. 78/Decca 25197 A (Vladimir Rosing with Ivor Newton, piano)
3. 78/Victor 88644 (Feodor Chaliapin with G. Godzinski, piano) [also 78/Victor 6416; 78/Victor 6783; 78/Victor 14901; reissued on A Vocal Portrait, CD/Naxos Historical]
4. 78/Victor 7779 (Lawrence Tibbett with orchestra) [reissued on Lawrence Tibbett On Stage (1926-1939), CD/Vocal Archives 1161]
5. 78/Columbia 50173 D (Luigi Montesanto) Out Of The Night, CD/Jasmine Records 474 (Nelson Eddy)
6. I Travel The Road, CD/Memoir 453 (Peter Dawson)
7. Lebendige Vergangenheit: Alexander Kipnis IV, CD/Preiser Records 89166 (Alexander Kipnis)
8. Original Masters: The Singles, CD/Deutsche Grammophon 474576 (Kim Borg and Erik Werba)
9. Moscow Nights, CD/Teldec 91786 (Red Star Red Army Chorus)
10. 20 Gramophone All Time Greats-Vol.4, CD/ASV/Living Era 5209 (unknown performer)
11. A Tribute to Martti Talvela, CD/Ondine 945 (Martti Talvela)
12. Brotid, CD/Tutl 16 (Runi Brattaberg)
13. Recital 1952-1955, CD/Myto Records 942101 (George London)
14. Gottlob Frick, Vol. 2: Arien, Szenen und Lieder, CD/Preiser Records 93452 (Gottlob Frick)
15. Au Ful D'Une Carrière..., CD/Pavane 7400 (Jules Bastin)
16. Lebendige Vergangenheit: Alexander Welitsch, CD/Preiser Records 89669 (Alexander Welitsch)
17. Lied Album, CD/Finlandia 95846 (unknown performer)
18. Mephisto: Opera Scenes, CD/Capriccio Records 10878 (Franz Hawlata)
19. Songs And Dances Of Death, CD/Hyperion 66775 (Anatoli Safiulin)
20. Chansons, CD/RCA Red Seal 98710 (Sergei Leiferkus)
21. Khovanshchina, CD/Naxos Historical (Boris Khaikin)
22. La Khovanchtchina, CD/Lys (Vladimir Kastorsky)
23. Song Cycles, CD/Arte Nova 39049 (Alexander Naumenko)
24. Songs And Dances Of Death, CD/Argo 4758588 (Benjamin Luxon)
25. Mussorgsky Songs Vol. 1, CD/Point Records 5098 (Aage Haugland)
26. Omaggio A Ezio Pinza, CD/Disky 793 (Ezio Pinza)
27. Russian Images, CD/Hyperion 67105 (Vassily Savenko)
28. Russian Romances, CD/RCA 62501 (Nicolai Ghiaurov)
29. Russian Singing Voices Of Earth And Heaven, CD/Russian Season 288138 (unknown performer)
30. Songs And Dances Of Death, CD/Sony Music 66858 (Marjana Lipovsek)
31. The Great Polish Bass In Opera, Oratorio And Song, CD/Pearl 0152 (Marian Nowakowski)
32. Vincenzo La Scola, Ruggero Raimondi & Luciana Serra In Concerto, CD/Bongiovanni 2517 (unknown performer)
33. Warsaw Opera Stars (1902-1927), CD/Minerva Records (unknown performer)
A radio transcription performed by Thomas L. Thomas is also known to exist.

Strolling Home (M: Vladimir Zakharoff):

1. 78/Keynote K 211 (Pyatnitzky Chorus with accordion accompaniment)
2. 78/Stinson 6366 (V. Klodina & M. Fomina with the Pyatnitzky Chorus with P. Kazmin & V. Zakharov, accordions) [also 78/Keynote K 211; 78/USSR 5396; 78/USSR 6366]

United Nations (M: Dimitri Shostakovich):

1. 78/Keynote 1200 (Paul Robeson with Keynote Orchestra and Chorus conducted by Charles Lichter) [reissued on The Political Years, CD/Collector's Edition 16]
2. 78/Victor 26-5036 (Sidor Belarsky with Mischa Borr and His Orchestra)
3. 78/Victor 11-8250 (Igor Gorin with the Victor Symphony Orchestra conducted by Charles O'Connell) [also 78/Victor 11-8250; reissued on Prima Voce: Igor Gorin, Vol. 2, CD/Nimbus 7951]
4. Stokowski Encores, CD/Chandos 9349 (BBC Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Matthias Bamert)

Unrecorded Material:

Balalaikas (M: H. Dounaevsky)
Electric Lights Come To The Village (M: Dimitri Shostakovich; Vladimir Sakharoff)
The Gypsies
Hobo-Genius Chorus In 4F
Katinka's Birthday ("Katinka Is Sweet Sixteen") (M: B. Romanoff; L: Michel Michon; Robbins)
Love In The Ranks (The Daughter Of The Regiment In Old St. Petersburg) (M: Alexei Archangelsky)
Oh, My Heart! (M: H. Dounaevsky)
Polka Romances Of Tchaikovsky
Russian Shawls (M: Michel Michon)
Song Of Chauve-Souris 1943
Trepak (Folk Dance)
Victory Parade
The WAC And The Sniper (M/L: Irving Florman)