Composer: Various
Lyricist: Various

October 10, 1927, Cosmopolitan Theatre, N.Y.C.
Performances: 80

The Nightingale (M: Alexander Alabieff):

1. 78/Gramophone V.B. 10 (Olimpia Boronat with orchestra) [reissued on The Complete Olimpia Boronat, CD/Marston 51001]
2. 45/Capitol 64-80020 (Erna Sack with the German Opera House Orchestra conducted by Rolf Schroder)
3. Red Berry Blossom, CD/Hugo 794 (Osipov Balalaika Orchestra)
4. Adagio: Between Heaven And Earth, CD/Nightingale 190216 (Edita Gruberova)
5. Air, CD/Kreuzberg 10040 (Virginia Alba)
6. The Victor Recordings (1925-28), CD/Romophone 81020 (Amelita Galli-Curci)
7. Do Not Leave Me: Romance & Songs, CD/Northern Flowers 9948 (Mila Shkirtil)
8. The Anniversary Concert, CD/Nightingale 90560 (Edita Gruberova)
9. Her Early Years: 1923-1948, CD/Fono Enterprise 1043 (Maria Callas)
10. In The Kingdom Of Roses And Wine, CD/Sonora 22578 (Maria Zelenina)
11. Le Miracle D'Une Voix, CD/Virgin 377961 (Natalie Dessay)
12. Le Rossignol, CD/Real Sound (RS) 108 (Anna Smiech)
13. Lebendige Vergangenheit: Antonia Nezhdanova, CD/Preiser Records 89704 (Antonia Nezhdanova)
14. Lebendige Vergangenheit: Maria Cebotari, CD/Preiser Records 89161 (Maria Cebotari)
15. Lily Pons Coloratura Assoluta, CD/Sony Music 60655 (Lily Pons)
16. The Victor Recordings (1904-08), CD/Romophone 81026 (Marcella Sembrich)
17. Königlische Säsische Hofopernsängerin, CD/Symposium (Margarethe Siems)
18. Miliza Korjus, CD/Pearl 9186 (Miliza Korjus)
19. Mozart, Bishop, Roussel And Others, CD/BIS 45 (Dorothy Dorow)
20. Mozart, Milhaud, Gliere And Others, CD/ MCA Records 25966 (unknown performer)
21. Nezhdanova In Opera & Song, CD/ Nimbus 7877 (Antonina Nezhdanova)
22. Rampal's Greatest Hits, Vol.1, CD/Sony Music 34561 (Jean-Pierre Rampal)
23. Songs Of The Nightingale, CD/Centaur Records 2232 (Karen Smith Emerson)
24. The Art Of Coloratura, CD/ dB Productions 50 (Dilber)
25. Trans-Siberian Express, CD/London 425214 (I Salonisti)
26. Waltzes And Arias, CD/ Deutsche Grammophon 457729 (Rita Streich)
27. Great Voices Of The 50's, Vol. III, CD/London 448152 (unknown performer)
28. Four Famous Sopranos Of The Past, CD/Preiser Records 89956 (unknown performer)

Round The Hay-Wain (vocal scenes from Little Russia):

1. 78/Columbia 9220 (Nikita Balieff and members of the Chauve Souris company including Eugenia Safonova and Finadia Erchova with the Vaudeville Theatre Orchestra conducted by S. Kogan
2. 78/Columbia DX-439 (Chauve Souris Company with the Cambridge Theatre orchestra conducted by Alexei Archangelsky)

A Russian Barcarolle (M: Varlamoff):

1. 78/Columbia 9220 (Nikita Balieff with Mmes. Birse & Ershova and Mm. Dedovitch & Shevtchecnko with the Vaudeville Theatre Orchestra conducted by S. Kogan)
2. 78/Columbia DX-439 (Chauve Souris Company with the Cambridge Theatre orchestra conducted by Alexei Archangelsky)
3. Songs From Russia 1930-1940: Famous Russian Choirs, CD/EPM 995852 (unknown performer)

Where Is My Meyer, Where’s Himalaya? (M/L: Anton Profes; L. Wolfe Gilbert):

1. 78/Diva 2503 (The Harmonians)
2. 78/Columbia 1180 D (Frank Harris with Eddie Thomas’ Collegians)
3. 78/Victor 21025 (Arthur Hall with Nat Shilkret and The Victor Orchestra)
4. 78/Edison 52137 (Jack Kaufman)

Unrecorded Material:

The Abduction From The Seraglio (M: V. Bernardi; Alexei Archangelsky)
The Cavalry (M: Alexei Archangelsky) (cut after opening)
Grotesque Espagnol (M: Albenitz)
La Traviata (burlesque parody of Verdi’s opera)
Love In The Ranks (M: Alexei Archangelsky)
The Pastrycook’s Wife (M: Alexei Archangelsky)
Returning From The War (old French song)
Romanesque (M: Alexander Constantinovitch Glazunoff)
Russian Folk Songs
Russian Matrimontial Rites (M: Mikhail Ivanovitch Glinka) (from RUSLAND AND LIUDMILA)
The Shooting Gallery (M: Alexei Archangelsky)