(Second Edition)

Composer: Alexei Archangelsky
Lyricist: Various

Opened: June 5, 1922, Century Roof Theatre, N.Y.C.
Performances: Closed before October 9, 1922

Note: The first four editions of CHAUVE SOURIS ran consecutively and had a cumulative total of 544 performances.

(Songs Of) The Black Hussars (cut after opening):

1. 78/Columbia DX-439 (Chauve Souris Company)
2. 78/Columbia 4423 (Mm. Dedovitch with the Vaudeville Theatre Orchestra conducted by S. Kogan)
3. 78/Columbia 2022 D (Dedovitch, Kondratieff, Rodionoff, Shevtchenko, Terestchenko & Zotoff with piano accompaniment and introductory remarks by Nikita Balieff)

A Musical Snuff-Box (M: Liadoff):

1. 78/Decca 25317 (Moriz Rosenthal, piano)
2. 78/Brunswick 8458 (Brunswick Salon Orchestra)
3. 78/Melotone 193/194 (Florence Foster Jenkins with Cosme McMoon, piano) [reissued on The Glory (????) Of The Human Voice, CD/RCA Victor 2RG-61175]
4. 78/Victor 9798 (London Symphony Orchestra conducted by Albert Coates)
5. 45/Columbia A-1831 (Andre Kostelanetz and His Orchestra)
6. Russian And Trepak, CD/Classical Accordion CD #lips1 (Friedrich Lips)
7. 120 Melodies That Will Live Forever, CD/Reader’s Digest Music (London Promenade Orchestra)
8. Musical Fun & Games, CD/ASV/Living Era 257 (unknown performer)
Unverified radio transcriptions performed by the All Roth Orchestra, the Rosario Bourdon Symphony and the Leo Erdody Orchestra are also known to exist.

The Nightingale (Dear Nightingale) (M: Aliabeck; L: Dailey Paskman):

1. 78/Gramophone V.B. 10 (Olimpia Boronat with orchestra) [reissued on The Complete Olimpia Boronat, CD/Marston 51001]
2. 45/Capitol 64-80020 (Erna Sack with the German Opera House Orchestra conducted by Rolf Schroder)
3. Red Berry Blossom, CD/Hugo 794 (Osipov Balalaika Orchestra)
4. Adagio: Between Heaven And Earth, CD/Nightingale 190216 (Edita Gruberova)
5. Air, CD/Kreuzberg 10040 (Virginia Alba)
6. The Victor Recordings (1925-28), CD/Romophone 81020 (Amelita Galli-Curci)
7. Do Not Leave Me: Romance & Songs, CD/Northern Flowers 9948 (Mila Shkirtil)
8. The Anniversary Concert, CD/Nightingale 90560 (Edita Gruberova)
9. Her Early Years: 1923-1948, CD/Fono Enterprise 1043 (Maria Callas)
10. In The Kingdom Of Roses And Wine, CD/Sonora 22578 (Maria Zelenina)
11. Le Miracle D'Une Voix, CD/Virgin 377961 (Natalie Dessay)
12. Le Rossignol, CD/Real Sound (RS) 108 (Anna Smiech)
13. Lebendige Vergangenheit: Antonia Nezhdanova, CD/Preiser Records 89704 (Antonia Nezhdanova)
14. Lebendige Vergangenheit: Maria Cebotari, CD/Preiser Records 89161 (Maria Cebotari)
15. Lily Pons Coloratura Assoluta, CD/Sony Music 60655 (Lily Pons)
16. The Victor Recordings (1904-08), CD/Romophone 81026 (Marcella Sembrich)
17. Königlische Säsische Hofopernsängerin, CD/Symposium (Margarethe Siems)
18. Miliza Korjus, CD/Pearl 9186 (Miliza Korjus)
19. Mozart, Bishop, Roussel And Others, CD/BIS 45 (Dorothy Dorow)
20. Mozart, Milhaud, Gliere And Others, CD/ MCA Records 25966 (unknown performer)
21. Nezhdanova In Opera & Song, CD/ Nimbus 7877 (Antonina Nezhdanova)
22. Rampal's Greatest Hits, Vol.1, CD/Sony Music 34561 (Jean-Pierre Rampal)
23. Songs Of The Nightingale, CD/Centaur Records 2232 (Karen Smith Emerson)
24. The Art Of Coloratura, CD/ dB Productions 50 (Dilber)
25. Trans-Siberian Express, CD/London 425214 (I Salonisti)
26. Waltzes And Arias, CD/ Deutsche Grammophon 457729 (Rita Streich)
27. Great Voices Of The 50's, Vol. III, CD/London 448152 (unknown performer)
28. Four Famous Sopranos Of The Past, CD/Preiser Records 89956 (unknown performer)

The Parade Of The Wooden Soldiers (M: Leon Jessel; L: Ballard Macdonald):

I have not attempted to compile discographical information for this standard.

Unrecorded Material:

As In Front Of Our Gates (Russian Folk Songs and Dances)
The Clown (M: Frederic Chopin)
The Evening Bells (M: Gretchaninoff [Alexsandr Gretsjaninov]
Gypsy Song Intime (added after opening)
The King Orders The Drums To Be Beaten (old French ballad)
A Night At Yard’s, Moscow, 1840 (Gypsy Songs)
Rhapsodie (M: Franz Liszt) (added after opening)
Soldiers’ Songs Before The Revolution
The Three Huntsmen (M/L: Dailey Paskman)