Composers: Various

Opened: November 10, 1925, Selwyn Theatre, N.Y.C.
Performances: 138

Note: Songs listed below as not being listed in the program may have been used only in the London version of this show.

Carrie! (M/L: Noel Coward) (originally used in LONDON CALLING):

1. 78/Columbia 512 D (Gertrude Lawrence)
2. Mad Dogs And Englishmen, CD/Lmsys (Courtney Kenny)

A Cup Of Coffee, A Sandwich And You (M: Jospeh Meyer; L: Al Dubin; Billy Rose):

1. 78/Columbia 512 D (Gertrude Lawrence and Jack Buchanan with Robert Hood Bowers, piano) [reissued on Visitors From Abroad, CD/Metropolitan Opera MET 811CD]
2. 78/Columbia 517 D (Leo Reisman and His Orchestra)
3. 78/Harmony 86 H (Carleton Terrace Orchestra)
4. 78/Apex 733 (Hollywood Dance Orchestra) [also 78/Bell 397]
5. 78/Brunswick 3052 (Nick Lucas, guitar and voice) [reissued on Tip-Toe Thru’ The Tulips, CD/ASV/Living Era CDAJA 5329]
6. 78/Perfect 12240 (Wright and Bessinger (The Radio Franks))
7. 78/Victor 19935 (Roger Wolfe Kahn and His Orchestra)
8. 78/Brunswick 3023 (Orchestra Chez Fysher conducted by Ben Selvin with vocal chorus) [also 78/Vocalion 15208]
9. 78/Challenge 146 (Nathan Glantz and His Orchestra)
10. 78/Perfect 14541 (Fred Rich and His Orchestra)
11. 78/Decca K 689 (Gertrude Lawrence) [reissued on The Star: Gertrude Lawrence, Audio Fidelity (M) 709]

12. 78/HMV C-2835 (Gertrude Lawrence with the New Mayfair Orchestra conducted by Carroll Gibbons, piano) [also 78/HMV C-1498; reissued on Top Of The Bill, CD/Flapper PAST-CD-9753]
13. 78/Victor 19903 (Helen Clark and Franklyn Baur with orchestra conducted by Rosario Bourdon) [reissued on Memories Of Old Broadway, CD/Take Two TT510CD]
14. Star Quality, AEI Records 2119 (Gertrude Lawrence) [reissued on Star Quality, CD/AEI 602]
15. The Roaring Flirting 20’s, Grand Award 602 (Dick Hyman with Enoch Light’s Orchestra)
16. The Roaring 20s: Songs From The Warner Bros. Television Show, Warner Bros. WS-1394 (Dorothy Provine) [reissued as CD/Sepia 1180]
17. The Broadway Musicals Cut-Outs Volume 1, CD/Bayview RNBW030 (Justin Bohon with the Ross Patterson Little Big Band)
18. A Tiny Flat Near Soho Square, CD/Dutton/Vocalion CDEA 6139 (Percival Mackey & His Band)
19. Toe-Tapping Dixieland Jazz, CD/Merrymakers 13 (Ted Shafer’s Jelly Roll Jazz Band)
20. Celebrating Early Jazz, CD/Lake LACD 40 (Hot Stuff)
21. The Best Of Barbershop Quartet, CD/Emporio 823 (The Square Pegs)
22. Rod Mason’s Hot Music, CD/Timeless 550 (Rod Mason)
23. Among Friends, CD/Stony Plain SPCD 1312 (Jeff Healey)
24. Portable Soundtracks For Temporary Utopias, CD/Hungry March Records 4 (Hungry March Band)
25. Vol. 4: I’m Perfectly Satisfied, CD/Dutton/Vocalion 6104 (Jack Hylton)
26. Welcome Matt Dennis!, CD/Fresh Sounds FSR-CD87 (Matt Dennis with orchestra conducted by Sy Oliver)
27. Wallowitch & Ross, CD/Miranda Music MMCD1004 (John Wallowitch and Bertram Ross with John Wallowitch, piano)
A radio transcription performed by Louise Carlyle and Willard Young with the Music Of Manhattan conducted by Norman Cloutier is also known to exist.

Gigolette (M: Franz Lehar; L: Irving Caesar) (originally used in THE THREE GRACES):

1. 78/Columbia 972 (London Theatre Orchestra conducted by Albert W. Ketelbey) (two renditions)
2. 78/Columbia 514 D (Jack Buchanan with piano accompaniment)
3. 78/Victor 77192 (Eugenio Cibelli with orchestra)
4. 78/Columbia 333 D (Howard Lanin and His Benjamin Franklin Hotel Orchestra)
5. 78/Victor 19694 (Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra) [reissued on Rhythm Crazy: Popular Music From The 1920’s, CD/Hot Society HRS001]
6. 78/Vocalion 15048 (Ben Bernie and His Hotel Roosevelt Orchestra)
7. The Broadway Musicals Cut-Outs Volume 1, CD/Bayview RNBW030 (Justin Bohon with the Ross Patterson Little Big Band)
8. Over There, CD/Angel 49768 (Michael Feinstein)
9. Les Etoiles De La Chanson, CD/Virgin/EMI 86832 (Lucienne Boyer)
10. 70 Anos Peerless Una Historia Musical, CD/WEA International 60589 (Esmeralda)
11. Down Peacock Alley, CD/Chandos 6569 (Palm Court Theater Orchestra)
12. Salto Mortal, CD/Ojo Records OJO 004 (Dolores Sola)

Love’s Lottery (M: Billy Mayerl; L: Gene Paul) (not in program):

1. Rediscoveries, Vol. 2, CD/Shellwood Productions 6 (Billy Mayerl)

Poor Little Rich Girl (M/L: Noel Coward) (originally used in ON WITH THE DANCE):

1. Click here for recordings of "Poor Little Rich Girl".

Russian Blues (M/L: Noel Coward):

1. 78/Columbia 514 D (Gertrude Lawrence with Robert Hood Bowers, piano) [reissued on Star Quality, CD/AEI 602]
2. The Great British Dance Bands Play The Music Of Noel Coward, CD/EMI 5207282 (Jack Hylton Orchestra)

Hooray For Baby And Me (M/L: Sidney Mitchell; Archie Gottler; George W. Meyer) (written for the film version):

1. 78/Homestead 16070 (Lou Gold And His Orchestra)
2. The Vitaphone Years, A-Jay Records 3749 (Al Jolson with orchestra conducted by Louis Silvers) [reissued on From Avenue A To The Great White Way: Yiddish & American Popular Songs From 1914-1950, CD/Columbia Legacy C2K 86323]

Snoops (The Lawyer) (M: Harry Ruby; L: Bert Kalmar) (added for the subsequent national tour):

1. 78/Emerson 10212 (Eddie Cantor with orchestra) [reissued on Early Days 1917-1921, CD/Original Cast 9872]
2. 78/Gramophone Shop 1002 (Beatrice Lillie with Sam Walsh, piano) [reissued on A Marvelous Party With Beatrice Lillie, CD/AEI 601]
3. 78/Columbia A 2852 (Nora Bayes with orchestra)
4. Auntie Bea, London (M) X.5471 (Eadie and Rack, pianos) (part of overture) [reissued on An Evening With Beatrice Lillie, CD/Sepia 1123]

Susannah’s Squeaking Shoes (M: Muriel Little; L: Arthur Weigall):

1. 78/Columbia 513 D (Beatrice Lillie) [reissued on The Unique! The Incomparable!, CD/Pearl Flapper PASTCD 7054]
2. Auntie Bea, London (M) X.5471 (Eadie and Rack, pianos) (part of overture) [reissued on An Evening With Beatrice Lillie, CD/Sepia 1123]
3. Auntie Bea, London (M) X.5471 (Eadie and Rack, pianos) (part of entr’acte)
4. Auntie Bea, London (M) X.5471 (Beatrice Lillie with Eadie and Rack, pianos) [reissued on An Evening With Beatrice Lillie, CD/Sepia 1123]
5. A Peel Of Laughter, AEI Records (M) 2112 (Beatrice Lillie and Bing Crosby)

There’s Life In The Old Girl Yet (M/L: Noel Coward) (added for the subsequent national tour; originally used in CHARLOT REVUE OF 1924):

1. 78/HMV B1805 (Maisie Gay with the Mayfair Orchestra conducted by Philip Braham) [reissued on Noel Coward: The Revues, CD/EMI 5 20729 2]
2. 78/HMV C1132 (Mayfair Orchestra conducted by George W. Byng)

Unrecorded Material:

Animals Came In Two By Two (M/L: Philip Braham)
The Ballad Singer (M: Leonard Henry; L: H.B. Headley) (not in program)
Be Careful What You Do (M: Reginald Arkell; L: Geoffrey Gwyther) (not in program)
Fallen Babies (Baby Blues) (M/L: Ivor Novello; L: Ronald Jean)
Follow Mister Cook (M: Philip Braham; L: Douglas Furber) (cut after opening)
The Fox Has Left His Lair (M: Peggy Connor; L: Douglas Furber)
The Girl(s) I Am Leaving In England Today (part of “After-Dinner Music” scene) (M/L: Noel Coward)
He’s Reliable (M: Leonard Henry; L: Laddie Cliff; H.B. Headley) (not in program)
How D’You Do (M:  Philip Braham; L: Eric Blore; Dion Titheradge)
I Don’t Know (M: Philip Braham; L: Ronald Jeans) (added after opening)
Let’s All Go Raving Mad (M: Philip Braham; L: Hugh E. Wright)
A Little Slut Of Six (part of “After-Dinner Music” scene) (M/L: Noel Coward)
March With Me (M: Ivor Novello; L: Douglas Furber) (also used in ANDRE CHARLOT REVUE OF 1924 and LONDON CALLING) (added after opening)
The Mender Of Broken Dreams (M/L: John W. Bratton) (cut after opening)
Mona When She Taps On Her Corona (M: Jara Benes; L: Clifford Seyler) (not in program)
Mouse! Mouse! (M: Muriel Lillie; L: Hilda Brighton)
Oxford Bags (M: Philip Braham; L: Arthur Wimperis)
The Roses Have Made Me Remember (part of “After-Dinner Music” scene) (M/L: Noel Coward
Sealed Feet (M: Charles Prentice)
Take Them All Away (M/L: Jack Strachey)
There Are Times (M/L: Philip Braham) (added for the subsequent national tour)
Those Were The Days (M: Philip Braham; L: Ronald Jeans) (not in program)