Composer: Various
Lyricist: Various

Opened: August 29, 1928, Vaudeville Theatre, London
Performances: Unknown


I'd Rather Cry Over You (M: Dan Dougherty; L: Phil Ponce):

1. 78/Diva 2644 (Broadway Bell-Hops with vocal refrain) [also 78/Velvet Tone 1644 V; also 78/Harmony 644; reissued on 1926-1928, CD/Classic Jazz Rarities 005]
2. 78/Diva 2657 G (Charles Hart) 78/Columbia 4980 (Bing Crosby with Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra) [also 78/Columbia A 8002; 78/Columbia 1496 D; reissued on Lost Columbia Sides, 1928-1933, CD/Collectors' Choice Music 216]
3. 78/Okeh 41038 (Sam Lanin with Billy Hays and His Orchestra) [reissued on Turn On The Heat: Hot Dance Band Sides 1925-1931, CD/Rivermont 1143]
4. 78/Victor 21463 (Johnny Marvin with Nat Shilkret and the Victor Orchestra)
5. Country Carnival Classics, CAS/Country Carnival CM1535 (Country Carnival Classics)
6. Wild Cats, CD/Jazzology 222 (Randy Sanke)
7. Black & Blue Rhythm, CD/Stomp Off SOSCD 1327 (The Rhythm Club Orchestra)

Unrecorded Material:

F.U.N.E.X. (M/L: Davy Burnaby; William Stephens)
In The Swim (M: Edward Cooper) (inst.)
Old Fashioned Boy (M: Rex Evans; L: Rowland Leigh)
The One-Way Walk (M: Vivian Ellis; L: Desmond Carter)
Opening Chorus (M: Edward Cooper; L: Rowland Leigh)
The Pendulum Of Time (M: Philip Braham; L: Donovan Parsons)
Take A Little Walk (M: Philip Braham) (inst.)
You've Got To Be In Love To Do That (M: Vivian Ellis; L: Donovan Parsons)