Composer: Jerome Kern
Lyricist: Leo Robin

Released: July 10, 1946

Note: Only recordings of songs not found on the film soundtrack are noted below. The instrumental numbers are music that was purchased by the movie studio from Jerome Kern. It is possible that Leo Robin set lyrics to some of this music and gave the finish song a different title.

Two Hearts Are Better Than One (Duettino) (L: Johnny Mercert) (unused)::

1. 78/Musicraft 355 (Louanne Hogan with orchestra conducted by Alfred Newman) [reissued on Jerome Kern In Hollywood, Vol. 2, JJA (M) 19784]
2. 78/Columbia 36962 (Frank Sinatra with orchestra conducted by Axel Stordahl) [reissued on Sinatra Rarities: The Columbia Years, CD/Columbia CK-44236]
3. Songs By Sinatra: The Old Gold Shows, Vol. 1, CD/BCD 101976 (Frank Sinatra)
4. Premiere Performance! George Byron Sings New And Rediscovered Jerome Kern Songs, Atlantic (M) 1293 (George Byron with music conducted by Andre Previn) (as "Two Hearts Together")
5. Jerome Kern Revisited Vol. III, CD/Painted Smiles PSCD-134 (Ann Hampton Callaway)
6. Lost Broadway And More Volume 6: Jerome Kern, CD/Original Cast OC-1399 (Morgan Weed and Michael Lavine with Michael Levine, piano)

Unrecorded Material:

The Clock (inst.)
Cradle Of Democracy (inst.) (unused)
Dom Pedro Of Brazil (inst.) (unused)
Drifting Along The Delaware (inst.) (unused)
Drowsy Lullaby (inst.) (unused)
German Town (inst.) (unused)
Happy Anniversary (unused) (originally part of "Centennial" and "Long Live Our Free America")
A Little Quaker (inst.) (unused)
Opening Of Exposition (inst.) (aka "Concerted Piece") (unused)
Pepper Pot (unused)
Square Dance (inst.)
Strolling And Patrolling (inst.) (unused)
The Things That Matter Most Appeal To Me (inst.) (unused)
Two Dachshunds (inst.)
Waltzing Around The Maypole (inst.) (unused)