Composer: Various
Lyricist: Various

Opened: October 24, 1919, Capitol Theatre, N.Y.C.
Performances: Unknown

Come To The Moon (M: George Gershwin; L: Lou Paley; Ned Wayburn):

1. 78/Columbia A 2905 (Columbia Dance Orchestra directed by Charles A. Prince)
2. Gershwin…From Tin Pan Alley To Broadway, Mark 56 Records (M) 680 (George Gershwin, piano)
3. Broadway Showstoppers, CD/Broadway Angel 7 54586 2 (Brent Barrett and the Ambrosian Chorus with the London Sinfonietta conducted by John McGlinn)
4. The Authentic George Gershwin, Vol. 1, CD/ASV/Living Era CDWHL 2074 (Jack Gibbons)

Indian Summer (inst.) (M: Victor Herbert):

I have not attempted to compile discographical information for this standard beyond composer renditions.
1. 78/Victor 55200 (Victor Herbert’s Orchestra)

Just For Me And Mary (M/L: Ryan; Violinsky; Litchfield):

1. 78/Lincoln 2157 (Dale’s Dance Orchestra)
2. 78/Cameo 471 (Bob Haring and His Orchestra)
3. 78/Columbia A 2830 (Henry Burr with orchestral accompaniment)

The Story Book Ball (M/L: Billie Montgomery; George Perry):

1. 78/Castle 12 (Castle Jazz Band)
2. 78/Bluebird B 7773 (Jimmy Ray with the Kiddie Klowns Orchestra)
3. 78 /Bluebird B 10002 (Shirley Lane, Carl Carelli, and Bill North with Gray Gordon and His Tic-Toc Rhythm Orchestra)
4. 78/Victor 18482 (Billy Murray with orchestra)
5. On The Sunny Side, CAS/Music For Little People MLP 2222 (Maria Muldaur with the Little’s People’s Chorus) [reissued as CD/Music For Little People/Warner Bros. 42503]
6. Stomp Miss Hannah, CD/Stomp Off SOSCD 1354 (Milano Hot Jazz Orchestra)
7. Paddle Wheelin’ Along, CD/Stomp Off SOSCD 1300 (Down Home Jazz Band)
8. Smiles And Chuckles, CD/CBC Enterprises 1160 (Royal City Saxophone Quartet)
9. Reuben Reeves & Omer Simeon: Complete Recorded Works In Chronological Order (1929-1933), CD/Document 1516 (Rueben Reeves and Omer Simeon)
10. Ian Whitcomb’s Ragtime America, CD/Audiophile Records 277 (Ian Whitcomb)
11. Greatest Hits!, CD/Vanguard 13/14 (Jim Kweskin & The Jug Band)

Swanee (M: George Gershwin; L: Irving Caesar) (also used in SINBAD and JIG-SAW):

I have not attempted to compile discographical information for this Gershwin standard beyond original cast and composer renditions.
1. 78/Columbia A-2884 (Al Jolson) [reissued on Jolie’s Finest Columbia Recordings CD/Columbia 53419; Music From The New York Stage Vol. 4: 1917-1920, CD/Pearl GEMM CDS 9059-61]
2. 78/V-Disc 763 (Al Jolson)
3. 78/WOR Recording 10-3420  (Al Jolson, Evelyn Keyes, and Ludwig Donath with orchestra conducted by Morris Stoloff) [reissued on The Jolson Story/Mammy, CD/Great Movie Themes CD60021]
4. Al Jolson In Songs He Made Famous, 78/Decca album 564 (Al Jolson with orchestra conducted by Carmen Dragon)  [reissued on The Best Of The Decca Years, CD/Decca MCAD-10505; I Got Rhythm: The Music Of George Gershwin, CD/Smithsonian RD 107-1/2/3/4]
5. Gershwin . . . From Tin Pan Alley To Broadway, Mark56 Records 680 (George Gershwin, piano) [reissued on Gershwin Plays Gershwin: The Piano Rolls, CD/Elektra Nonesuch 79287-2]
6. Show Biz, RCA LOC-1011 (Irving Caesar)
7. And Then I Wrote, Coral (S) CRL 57083 (Irving Caesar)
8. George Gershwin Memorial Concert, Citadel CT-7025 (Al Jolson with the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Victor Young) [reissued as CD/North American Classics NAC 4001]
9. Al Jolson On The Air, Volume Three, Totem 1019 (Al Jolson)
10. Al Jolson On The Air, Volume Two, Totem 1012 (Al Jolson) [reissued on ‘S Wonderful: The Music Of George Gershwin, CD/Flapper  PAST CD 9777]
11. The Gershwins In Hollywood, 1931-1964, JJA Records 19773 (Joan Leslie, Robert Alda, and Al Jolson) [reissued on Rhapsody In Blue, CD/Great Movie Themes CD 60028]
12. Al Jolson Radio Rarities, Radiola 3MR-2 (Al Jolson) (two renditions)
13. The Jolson Story, Take Two 103 (Al Jolson and Rudy Wissler with orchestra conducted by Morris Stoloff)
14. Gershwin Performs Gershwin: Rare Recordings 1931-1935, CD/Musicmasters 5062-2-C (George Gershwin, piano)
15. George And Ira Gershwin In Hollywood, CD/Rhino Movie Music R2 72732 (Al Jolson and the Warner Bros. Studio Orchestra conducted by Leo F. Forbstein)

You’re The Finest Of Them All (M: Louis Hirsch; L: Rennold Wolf) (cut from THE RAINBOW GIRL):

1. 78/Columbia A 6055 (Columbia Light Opera Company)
2. The Rainbow Girl, CDr/Comic Opera Guild CRG06P-1M (Marla Bentley and  Greg Wakefield with Adam Aceto and Patrick Johnson, pianos)

Unrecorded Material:

Evening Star
How Can You Tell? (M: Harold Orlob; L: Ned Wayburn)
In Arizona
Laughing Waters
Oh What A Moanin’ Man
Underneath The Honey Moon (M: James F. Hanley; Robert A. King; L: Ballard Macdonald)